#Soulcraftalong success


It’s less than a week until the Soul Craft Festival and as part of the #soulcraftalong, an Instagram hashtag to allow festival goers to share their makes and connect before the event, I have sewn myself a boiled wool Kinder Cardigan.


The pattern is from Wendy Ward’s book ‘The Beginners Guide to Sewing with Knits’.  It comes in three lengths, and I opted for the middle length that sits mid thigh.  I sewed the size according to my bust measurement and the fit is relaxed and perfect for this style of garment.


This make was heavily inspired by Rachel’s boiled wool version.  In a true copycat moment, I added ties to my Kinder Cardigan too.  For some interest, I hand-stitched the ties with red top-stitching thread.  The ties have become one of my favourite things about this make… well apart from the colour of the boiled wool, the warmth factor and the realisation it goes with almost everything in my wardrobe!


To add ties to the Kinder Cardigan:

  • Cut out two pieces of fabric 5″ (13cm) x 15″ (38cm)
  • Fuse interfacing to half of each piece of fabric (on the wrong side) minus the 3/8″ (1cm) seam allowances

  • Fold and pin (wrong sides together) each tie in half lengthways
  • Machine-stitch (use a long stitch) around three of the edges four edges (two long edges and one short edge)
  • Neaten the edges (if required)


  • Cut down the middle of the folded edge


  • Hand-stitch, using a top-stitching or embroidery thread, over the top of your machine stitching.  Use the machine stitches as a guide – sew over two stitches, skip two stitches, sew over two stitches, skip two stitches etc.

  • As part of Step 9 in the instructions, sandwich the ties between the cardigan front and the neckband.  Position the ties at your natural waist, or in a location that feels right for you.


One of the great things about boiled wool is that you don’t have to finish the raw edges.  For this make, I decided to machine-stitch the seam allowances down.  It sure takes some extra time, but it adds nice detail to outside of the jacket and makes the insides look all contained.




I’m rather chuffed with this make and I can guarantee you I will be toasty warm at the festival!  Will I see you there?


Pattern:  Kinder Cardigan from Wendy Ward’s book The Beginners Guide to Sewing with Knits
Size:  Bust 34 3/4″ – 36 1/4″
Fabric:  Boiled Wool (wool/viscose blend) from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment, I added the ties, and I pressed my seams open and machine stitched them down.
Outfit:  Selune Scarf (pattern by Julie Hoover knitted by Ophelie), denim ponte dress, Obus wool tights (several seasons ago) and boots from Florshiem
Photo Location:  Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne


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