SA: Scouts Anonymous

SA: Scouts Anonymous

Enter Grainline’s Scout Woven Tee numbers 5 and 6…   I LOVE this pattern!

Number 5 is a present for a dear friend.  It was sewn up in the red colourway of Capel, a Classic Tana Lawn from Liberty, which my friend and I selected from Tessuti in Melbourne.  The top is currently on it’s way to country Victoria (where my friend lives).  I accidentally deleted the photos before downloading them (duh!), so you’ll have do with admiring the fabric!

Liberty Tana Lawn - Capel

Number 6 is for me!


This gorgeous Liberty (again from Tessuti) was my Christmas present from Mr Blogless Anna, Miss A and Miss B.  Present buying has never been a strong point for Mr Blogless Anna, so in December I insisted on a family outing to Tessuti.  We arrived, I ushered them to the Liberty section and gave them their instructions.   Using my swatch, the colours I wear, they were to selected and purchase 1.1m of Liberty without me seeing (I left the shop to run another errand).

Apparently, Miss A choose two fabrics, Miss B one and then Mr Blogless Anna had the deciding vote.  Didn’t they do a fabulous job?  Mr Blogless Anna was quite surprised at the cost.  He had no idea fabric could be so expensive…


I’m thinking of starting up a Scouts Anonymous Group.  Anyone need to join me?

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