Little red dress with a big personality!

Little red dress with a big personality!


My love of raglan sleeves and the Aeolian T-shirt Dress pattern by Pattern Fantastique continues…


I feel so good when I’m wearing this dress.


There is a lot of fabric in the top half of the dress (how about those sleeves?) but I think the volume is nicely balanced by the shortness of the dress.  Well, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!


I took a leaf out of the designer’s book and sewed this version in linen.  The pattern is designed for knits, but it’s not a great leap to make it out of a woven.  The changes I made to accommodate the change in fabric type:

  • I bound the neckline
  • I folded over the bottom curve of the back facing before stitching it down
  • I included a double fold hem (more details on that later)


I love sneaky little details on the insides of my makes.  Do you?  Any excuse to use some chambray and liberty… right?  Lizzy recently commented that I should change my blog name to Liberty Anna.  She definitely has a point!

Did you spot my labels?  My stylist designed and gave me 100 ‘Anna à la mode’ (translation: Anna in the style) labels for my birthday.  A very thoughtful gift from a non-sewing friend.


The French language nicely leads to my next point…  French linen!  The glorious linen used for this dress was one of my precious purchases made on a Stitching Up Paris tour.  I read Liz’s blog post about her fabric/yarn shopping in Paris only weeks before we left for our overseas adventure.  Liz talked about Barbara’s personalised sewing, knitting and/or crafting tours.  Oh yes please!  I emailed Barbara and we made a time for my very own shopping adventure.

It was a fabulous afternoon of patting fabric, buying a couple of gems (like this linen) and bumping into Rachel and Julie.  It’s a small online blogging world!

Barbara was an excellent guide.  I recommend her tours without hesitation.  Now I just need to get back to Paris so I can do another.  Meanwhile, I have a little red dress with a big personality to remind me of my Paris fabric shopping adventure.  In my eyes, that’s the best kind of souvenir you can have.


The dress is drafted to be knee length (the pattern comes with five different lengths), but I prefer my dresses to be above the knee.  I cut the dress as per the pattern and turned it over 5/8″, and then for a super deep hem, another 6″.  This is my first, but definitely not my last, super deep hem.  I think they might be a little addictive!


Pattern:  Pattern Fantastique’s Aeolian T-shirt Dress (knee length)
French linen purchased in Paris
Sewn in linen rather than a knit.  Created a super deep hem for an above the knee hemline


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