KCWC – Birthday Bloomers

KCWC – Birthday Bloomers

Exhibit 7 for Kids Clothes Week Challenge : Emma Hardy’s Baby Bloomers from Making Children’s Clothes.


Last January I made three pairs of bloomers for my niece, including these ones, and they got worn, and worn, and worn.  Every-time we saw Miss F she was bum shuffling or commando crawling in her bloomers (dresses and skirts get in the way when a little one is on the move!).  Fast forward nine months to an extended family holiday in Queensland, and the now walking and talking Miss F refused to wear the dresses and skirts her Mum had packed and insisted on t-shirts and her beloved bloomers.

It’s Miss F’s birthday today, so I decided a new pair (I was hoping to make two, but time was against me) of bloomers in the larger size (18-24 months) was in order.  The fabrics were from my stash and the ric-rac was especially purchased for the project.


I must say, ric-rac and I do not get along.  We never have, and I suspect, we never will.  I find it’s difficult to join when applying to leg openings (like below) and even though I bast it before sewing, it always seems to end up uneven.  Big sigh…


Thankfully, the overall effect of the the ric-rac and the contrasting fabric is pleasing, so I can move on.


I’m signing off for KCWC early (I also started early) as I’m attending my high school reunion this weekend in Country Victoria.  I’m going without my sewing machine, husband and the kids!  Wish me luck, or maybe more importantly, wish Mr Blogless Anna luck…

I’ve loved being part of this challenge and the energy and enthusiasm it created.  I’m also impressed with how much time I made for sewing and the number of projects I completed.  My sewing list was ambitious, and I made all of it but two dresses for Miss A, and I only got distracted once.

How did I make more time for sewing:

  • I was more organised (good)
  • I spent less time surfing the internet (good)
  • I got behind in my electronic communications (acceptable)
  • the laundry basket is now overflowing (acceptable)
  • I had less sleep (not sustainable)
  • Miss B watched more TV than I would normally allow (not sustainable)

It’s clear that this level of sewing activity (which was much more than one hour a day) can’t continue on a week-to-week basis.  Although, it was good reminder that being more organised and focused does allow more time for creative outputs.  I look forward to participating in the next Kids Clothes Week Challenge.

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