Jungle meets garden

Jungle meets garden


The call from Jungle Headquarters is always very strong, and this year was no exception.

Due to my fear of wearing animal prints, my previous Jungle January entries have always pushed the boundaries of fabric selection.  In 2013 it was all about birds and in 2014 my fabric featured zebras, giraffes & elephants.


This year my Liberty Clifton Jersey (purchased from Shaukat) ended up being jungle meets domestic garden.  There are elephants, birds, monkeys and numerous jungle plants, but the print also incorporates watering cans, buckets, spades, garden forks, snails, flowers & bikes.  What the?


This is one of the issues of ordering fabric online.  There are often quite a lot of unknowns.  The product photos on the Shaukat website are particularly small, and in this instance, they only showed the more jungle-y components of the print.  Not too worry, the colourway is divine and the print… well I love it in all it’s quirky glory.

By the way, while you’re looking at the close-ups above, see if you can see my red twin needle top stitching that is hardly visible in the super busy print.  Design feature fail?  Yes, but let’s just notch that up to experience.


Have you guess the pattern yet?  My Aeolian obsession continues (for previous makes see here, here and here).

For this version, I sized down from a medium to a small to test the designer’s sizing theory.  Pattern Fantasique’s website says… “Sized down, it makes a perfect sheath. Neat, but not tight. Excellent in a glamour knit for a super clean, mini, cocktail dress. Sized up it responds with mega drapes and kaftan-esque volume.”

A sheath is a excellent way to describe this dress.  The dress is still very comfortable, it is after all made from jersey, but it’s a whole lot less boxy than my previous Aeolian jersey dress and perhaps more flattering.  In the right fabric I can definitely see this as a cocktail dress so I’m filling that idea away!  Disclaimer… the Liberty Clifton jersey is a slightly finer fabric than the European knits used in version one.

I love how the same pattern with some tweaking can look so so so different.  I think this is the reason that I like to re-sew the same patterns over and over and over and over (you get the picture) again while mixing up the sizing, hemlines, fabrics types and fabric combinations.  Have I finished with this pattern yet?  Ah no…  I have two more version still featuring in my sewing day dreams.

How about you… do you love a pattern repeat or are you more of a use it and move on kind of sewer/sewists?


Pattern:  Pattern Fantastique’s Aeolian T-shirt Dress (knee length)
From the Liberty Clifton Jersey range.  Purchased online from Shaukat
I shortened the pattern by 3 inches and created a 3 inch hem for an above the knee hemline
Accessories:  My necklace was a gift


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