Jungle dress

Jungle dress

I managed to finish my Jungle January dress on the last day of the month.  But am I jungle enough?  I think I’m pushing the boundaries yet again…


So, what do we have here?  That’s right it’s another “Dress A” from Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Style Dress Book in a lovely (non-current) Japanese cotton from Tessuti.  The fabric was a dream to sew with.

With this version I made two further alterations to the pattern.  Firstly, I took two wedges out of the back neckline to eliminate the shoulder darts I added last time.  The result… a back neckline without a gape in sight!  Insert happy dance here…


Secondly, I again altered the bust darts.  This time they got the full make-over and they were lowered, then raised, rotated and lengthened!  It looks like I butchered the pattern, but there were a couple of bodice muslins along the way, and I think I’ve got a near perfect result.  More happy dancing…


Do you like my pattern weight? Yes it’s a large nut.  It’s not an original idea, it was adapted from a Colette Tip where Sarai suggested using large washers.


Trust me the dart is in the right position. It just looks wrong as my photographer took the photos looking up at me.  Not surprising as she is only 6!

And finally, a photo that includes all of my head.  Miss A was my photographer today (as indicated in the caption above) and she took 90% of the non-blurry photos as headless shots.  When asked why she replied, “I thought you just wanted photos of the dress”.  As we say in our house, fairy nuff.


Apologies in advance to any vegetarians or vegans reading, but in keeping with the jungle theme, this Jane is now off to cook herself a great hunk of steak for lunch…

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