The Skye’s the limit

The Skye’s the limit


I first set eyes on this printed linen at The Cloth Shop in August last year (thanks for the time stamp Instagram!) and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that it was purchased immediately.  I love the colours, the flowery spotty pattern and the fact it’s linen.  Initially, I thought I would sew an Aeolian (because you can’t beat a TNT pattern!) but then I decided to let this linen mature in the stash and see if another idea would come along.  And it did!


As well as trying to make a significant dent in my fabric stash, I’m also currently on a personal mission to try and sew more of the patterns that I already own.  I purchased StyleArc’s  Skye Top  soon after it was released and now I’m kicking myself that I didn’t sew it sooner.

A fashionable top for every body

Rather than my usual ‘ditch the facings’ mentality, I have strong preference for finishing necklines with bias binding, I decided to use the neck facings supplied.  The Skye Top has hem facings too and I liked the idea of top-stitching the hem and neck facings as a feature.


StyleArc's Skye Top

I was a little confused with whether or not to fuse the hem facings.  The diagram of pattern pieces in the instructions said yes, the actual pattern piece didn’t specify and then I discovered buried in the instructions it said this step was optional.  I decided that I would fuse my hem facings as I was working with linen and thought that some extra stability from a light interfacing would be an advantage.  For all my facings on this project I used an ivory linen from The Cloth Shop.


The Skye Top is designed with a higher neckline that I’d prefer and a back slit with a button or hook and eye closure.  I lowered the neckline by using a 1/2″ rather than the specified 1/4″ seam allowance.  The lowered neckline allowed me to eliminate the back slit as the top (just) fits over my (big) head.


I am forever shortening my tops, but in this case I added 2 inches to the length.  Lara has sewn this pattern twice before and I know that our height difference is 2″ and our leg length is the same.  I therefore knew that for this top to sit in exactly the same spot as Lara’s, I just needed to add the 2 ” to the length.  Aren’t sewing friends the best?


The only other minor change I made to the pattern was to sew a small wedge out of the back neckline (and accompanying facing) to accommodate my high rounded shoulders  This little adjustment was completed mid construction and is so easy to do with a centre back seam. Happy days!


The Skye top is a little more work that a standard woven tee, but the rewards are there.  If you like the style then I can recommend the pattern without hesitation.


Pattern:  StyleArc’s Skye Top
Size:  10
Fabric:  Printed linen and ivory linen from the Cloth Shop
Alterations:  Lengthened the top by 2″.  Took a small wedge out of the upper back (and back facing) to accommodate my high rounded shoulders.
Accessories:  Beads from Elk and as-new second-hand Funkis shoes
Photo Location:  Fitzroy Gardens, East Melbourne


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  • What a gorgeous fabric! No wonder you snapped that one up. I love the shape of the hem on this tee. I’ve never seen this pattern before but I admit I am a bit slack at checking out Style Arc patterns. It’s like I forget they exist!

    • I must admit there are so many StyleArc patterns Kat, that I often get overwhelmed with choice. This is the third StyleArc pattern I’ve sewn and I’m gaining confidence with each one… getting a feel for my ‘size’ and the fit adjustments that I’ll need. The instructions might be brief, but the drafting is spot on!

  • Oh, this blouse is just beautiful. The fabric is gorgeous (those polka dots!) and I love the top-stitched facings. Good call on adding in that detail! Thanks for the great post, Anna. This looks sensational on you and I’ll definitely be picking up the Skye top now.

  • Love your review on style arc top. I am ingtrigued with the ‘took a wedge out of the neck'”. Could you please explain exactly what this means. I am much bigger in the bust than the shoulder area and neex to take some out of both front and back necklines. I am just experimenting with folding a small dart in the paper pattern and hoping it will smoosh out in the fabric. Love your blog. U obviously put a lot of effort into it. Happy sewing.

    PS The fit of the T is exceptional, especially at the back

    • Good question Roseanne. On the pattern back pattern piece marked a point 8mm from the CB edge (this is just a measurement I’ve used before that seems to work) on the neckline. I then drew a straight line starting from 1cm from the bottom notch (which marks the bottom of the back neck split) and angled to meet the 8mm point marked on the neckline. I then removed the little triangle ‘wedge’ on the pattern piece and repeated these steps on the back neck facing. It’s very similar to what is explain here – – but instead of creating a dart, I’m directly removing the fabric as there is a very handy centre back seam. I hope this is clearer for you.

  • Look great! I love your choice of fabric 🙂

  • A great pattern that shows off the beautiful fabric. I also bought that fabric from The Cloth Shop. I got the last 1.6m on the roll at the end of December! I made a simple A-line short sleeve tunic that I wear over black linen pants. It’s one of my favourite outfits.

    • As well as the same name, we have excellent taste in fabric and both shop at The Cloth Shop. I had no idea you were local. Hopefully our paths will cross in real life soon.

  • This is a really nice pattern! I love the fabric too 🙂

    • Thanks Kate. I’m really pleased with how this make worked out. I wish all my sewing projects were as successful as this one!

  • This is triffic! It’s amazing how different kimono sleeve tops can fit. I think is the best fit on you I’ve seen. I look forward to trying it on! 😉 and those facings. I swoon!

    • It’s a great fit Sarah. Those StyleArc ladies sure know how to draft a great pattern. In this case, I think the bust darts make a big difference to the fit in the shoulders. Come on over and try it on!

  • Nice looking top. I love the fabric.

  • Love this top. Your adjustments to the pattern were spot on. Beautiful fit.

  • This is a lovely top. I like the stitched down facings.

  • I like this top much more than the Pan. Better silhouette on you and the bright colours are perfect for you.

    • Me too Winifred. I sewed three items last weekend… this one was the winner, the Pan was meh & the other piece is hanging in the naughty cupboard unfinished… too big, too long, neck too wide (all wrong). You win some you loose some when you roll the sewing dice.

  • Love this little top, and those wide facings are a great feature.

  • Lenthening it was a good decision. The length looks perfect on you. I love the fabric and the resulting top is a lovely fit on you.

  • Oh I like this tee. It’s just a little bit different and the deep facings are lovely.

  • I love the fabric! Very pretty. You made a wonderful top.

  • The linen print is gorgeous – but I love the stitching details and curved hem of this pattern! They look gorgeous together on you 🙂