I Am Pan… Pan I Am

I Am Pan…  Pan I Am


I Am Patterns is a new French pattern company producing paper patterns with both French and English instructions.  They recently released their first collection called ‘I Am Goddess’.  The pattern that caught my eye was Pan… “My clean lines make me the ideal top of your closet: denim for every day, satin for evenings, jersey to accompany you to the sports ground.”


Sewn in a demin or a wool, I think this pattern would be a great layering piece in the cooler months.  As winter still seems so far away, I opted to sew up a summer version in some coloured chambray to check fit.

My current bust measurements has me between size 40 and 42.  After measuring the paper pattern, and crossing all my fingers and toes, I sewed the size 40 without alteration.  I’m wondering if I could have sewn the size 38.  It’s always hard to tell when it’s a boxy garment.


Now to a collection of thoughts, in no particularly order, about this make:

  • The colour blocking comes to you courtesy of fabric restrictions.  Sometimes restrictions make us more creative don’t they?
  • Speaking of fabric, the coloured chambray is leftover from sewing clothes for my girls and their friends.  Three cheers for stash busting!
  • To avoid any unnecessary grey hairs, I top-stitched in a matching Gutermann all purpose sewing thread.  I’m such a chicken!
  • To ensure everything fitted together, I fudged the back placket so that it overlaps more than it was designed to.  I’m expecting user error rather than any drafting issues.
  • Although not included in the instructions, I added a medium weight interfacing to the buttonhole areas.
  • This top fits over my BIG head without undoing any of the buttons.  A non-functional back placket is a real possibility!


To tell you the truth, I like my top, but it just doesn’t sing to me.  The thing I’m struggling with the most is the collar.  It’s a lovely feature but my inability to easily wear a scarf or beads with it is annoying.  Accessories are such a big part of my style these days, that I almost feel naked without them.  I know… first world problem and all that!


How do you feel about I Am Patterns first collection?  Are there any patterns on your ‘to sew’ list?


Pattern:  Pan by I Am Patterns purchased from Stitch 56
Size:  40
Fabric:  Coloured Chambray from the stash
Alterations:  None!
Accessories:  Sophie Digard scarf from L’uccello and shoes shoes purchased at Siricco.
Photo Location:  East Melbourne


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  • How about making the collar in something highly decorative, like a heavily beaded/embroidered braid…that would give the illusion of wearing a necklace. Cute top

  • I see how the neckline could be limiting. It references the collars of the 60s. I wonder how they accessorized shift dresses and funnel neck tops then. Love the color though and the colour blocking worked well!

    • Good question Sarah Jo. I think some of my other commenters have solved the 60s accessorising question… a broach!

  • It is a lovely top and it looks great on you. The collar is different but I think it is an accessory in itself if this makes any sense 😊

    • Thanks for the lovely feedback Jenya. Sometimes it’s good to try new styles/features and yes, I think you’re right… the collar is the accessory.

  • So glad you did a review of this pattern–received it several days ago from Stitch 56 and I have been anxious to make it up. I have a question for you–does the pattern include seam allowances or do you need to add your own?

    I really enjoy your blog. You have inspired me to explore the world of independent patternmakers (-:.

    • Hi Janet. The patter includes 1cm (3/8″) seam allowances. Once the buttonholes are out of the way, I found it a relatively quick sew. Thanks for your lovely feedback and good luck with Pan.

  • One word for you, you accessory freak – brooch! 🙂
    I love the neckline, but you’re right it’s not scarf or bead friendly. Pin something fancy and interesting right on that seamline and you’re sorted.
    I like it just like it is. The yoke has great lines and that’s enough detail for me.

  • I actually really like the collar & I think Demented Fairy’s suggestion of making it ornate could work really well! I’m not 100% sold on the sleeve shape though – think I’d want to taper them in a little. (Your Sulphur linen Japanese top is perfection!)

    • Thanks Kathy. It’s good to experiment with new pattern and styles. They don’t always work (this is probably an case in point) but I think it’s still worth sharing. The cooler weather has arrived in Melbourne (hello Autumn!) and I’ll be pulling that sulpher linen top out of my wardrobe and giving it a good workout!

  • I second broach, a nice shiny one! Cute top and I love the colour blocking.

  • The collar is really cute on that top. Nice work!

  • I really like the way you’ve interpreted this top, the colour blocking is lovely. I must say I’m not a major fan of the sleeve shape either, and I can see how the collar would make wearing neck related accessories tricky. But until you pointed that out I was loving the collar!

    • Thanks Jillian. Experimenting is fun, but it doesn’t always work. This is probably a good case in point. Will it get worn? Only time will tell!

  • I love the colour blocking! But I agree with some of the other comments – the sleeve just isn’t quite right – too big on you maybe? I think the collar is very cute but I can imagine if it limits your other style choices it might be frustrating……. Hmmmmmm….

    • Maybe I need to grow me some hips to balance out those sleeves? On second thoughts… I’m off to sew a few things to beef up my Autumn wardrobe!

  • Hi Anna, love your blog! I really like this top and bought the pattern after reading your post, thank you for the inspiration. It has just arrived today and looks pretty straightforward. I’m intrigued by 2 abbreviations in it though…BSBE and BTBE. I haven’t seen those before. It’s probably really obvious but do you happen to know what they are? Thanks Alison 🙂

    • Good question Alison. I was stumped too until I found the legend in section one of the instructions. BSBE is Back Stitch at the Beginning and the End. I think BTBE is a type and should be a BSBE too. Good luck with your Pan.