The shearing shed edition


I probably should have titled this post the ‘Sweaty Shearing Shed Edition’.  Let me explain…  I grew up on a wheat and sheep farm in near Warracknabeal and attended the local primary and high school before leaving the farm at 18 to live in Melbourne and go to university.  My family still owns the land, but it is now leased and worked by local farmers.

In January this year, my girls and I went on a road trip to see where I grew-up.  Sharon was staying with her family in a nearby town (we lived near each other as kids but didn’t meet until we were living in Melbourne had children!) and we had a great few days touring the Wimmera.


While at my farm we took the opportunity to take these shearing shed photos.  Mind you it was midday and 40+ oC (104 oF) in the shade and I shudder to think how hot it was in the tin shearing shed… hence my red, shiny, sweaty face.  The things we do for blog photos!



I’m wearing a Madeit Patterns Strip Tee (without the strip) in a lovely viscose jersey from The Cloth Shop.  I sewed this top to wear on Boxing Day and it’s had lots of outings since.

With only three pattern pieces – front, back and neckband – this was a quick sew.


Construction was on the sewing machine, seams were finished with an overlocker and I secured the hems with a twin needle.


The pattern states “Quick and easy to sew, we suggest you make at least two, so you have one whilst the other is in the wash.”  I haven’t made a second yet, but I’ll rectify that when warmer weather returns to these parts.


Pattern:  Madeit Pattern’s Strip Tee – Adult  (teen sizes also available)
Size:  10 (I went with my hip measurement rather than my bust measurement)
Fabric:  Viscose jersey from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment
Outfit:  Me-made Reef Shorts, vintage green bakelite beads, orange beads from Christines and as-new second-hand Funkis shoes
Photo Location:  Shearing shed near Warracknabeal


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