Before and after…

Before and after…

On Wednesday, as my husband was leaving for work, I noticed he was holding a neatly folded pair of pants and jeans.  My questioning look resulted in a verbal response – “I’m going to drop these to the mending ladies on the way into the city this morning.  My jeans pocket has a hole in it and the button on my pants needs sewing on.”

Negotiations started, and needless to say, I put up a good argument and I got the job!  Mind you, I originally was given the job of sewing the button back on three weeks ago…

Jeans with a hole in the pocket (you might need to look closely)…


Jeans after my repair job, which is far from perfect (hello wonky stitching!), but none-the-less very functional.


And the School Fair Skirt formula I was devising last week…


Is now a girls skirt.


My favourite thing about this skirt is definitely the ‘tucks’ near the hem.  I unashamedly copied borrowed the idea from a RTW skirt.


A couple of ovesights during the ‘drafting/formula calculation’ phase did lead to some ‘on the go’ improvements.  A contrasting waistband facing was not in the original plan, but I really like it!


Now I have 15 more of these to make between now and next March.  If you were me, would you?

  • start a production line now and get them over and done with
  • do a couple a month – slow and steady wins the race
  • leave it to the last minute

With me, any of these things are possible!

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