Orange and Oat Cowl

Orange and Oat Cowl

My knitting machine and I got into an excellent groove this afternoon.  With only 40 minutes before school pick-up, I knitted from start to finish, an orange and oat cowl.  Simple pleasures!


For this cowl, I used two single ply threads of both orange and (what I’m calling) oat. I love the random nature of how they’ve knitted up.


I cast on 60 needles and there is 476 rows of knitting on tension 5.  I had planned a longer cowl, but while looking at the row counter at one stage, I also glanced at the yarn.  Much to my surprise, one of the orange cones was nearly out!  I then seamed the two shorter ends together (to make the cowl) before casting off.


Can you spot the seam?

I know it’s not really cowl wearing weather in Melbourne, but Christmas gifts don’t have to be seasonal do they?

I get lots of comments about the top I’m wearing in these photos, so I thought I’d let you know that is made in Melbourne by Monolog.  I wish I could claim it as one of my creations.

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