Hoops T-Shirt #2

Hoops T-Shirt #2

Do you remember this make from the end of November last year?


Well, straight after making a striped Hoops T-Shirt from Ottobre 3/2012, Miss B selected some spotty fabric from Spotlight (spotty from Spotty!) and I cut her out another one.  It’s been sitting in the ‘to do’ pile for four months.  Last night, for reasons I can’t explain, it finally got sewn up.


In the above photo, Miss B is wearing her sister’s skirt (made pre-blogging).  It’s the Tiered Skirt ‘Pattern P’ from Happy Homemade Vol. 2 Kids by Ruriko Yamada.

I didn’t look at the instructions for the t-shirt this time… and I reverted to my favourite way to add binding.


The wonky stitching on hemline is actually two rows of stitches sewn one after the other.  I had to improvise after I broke my first needle… a twin one at that!

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