Thread board

Thread board

Inspired by what Sew Brunswick’s husband made, I put in a request to one of my brothers (I have three!) to make me a thread board.  Look what was delivered last night.


The top is for cotton reels.


The blank middle is room for expansion (which is inevitable!) and the bottom section houses bobbins.


Miss A and I had fun this morning loading it up.  I’m one very happy sewing obsessed big sister.

** UPDATE **  I just been informed I have the thread board upside down.  Oooppphhs.  The bobbins go at the top, there are two nails to hang scissors on and finally the cotton reels reside at the bottom of the board.

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  • Lucky you, it looks great! I have hinted – and straight out asked – my husband for one but he doesn’t seem keen, think I’ll have to learn wood working myself 🙂

  • Blogless Anna!! I have just discovered your blog! Welcome. My husband will be so please someone copied him. He’s been asking if anyone has commented on that post?! Looks great.

  • […] In a daring move I decided for the first time in my life to use a toning rather than a perfectly matching bobbin.  You know… the old near enough is good enough (which is so not me)… and it was very liberating!  In truth, this move to use a toning bobbin was driven by the fact that I’m all out of space for new bobbins on my thread board! […]