What did I use my 1/4" quilting machine foot for?

What did I use my 1/4" quilting machine foot for?

Nope, no quilts around here.  Well, not yet….  I made a scarf!


While cleaning up my sewing room on the weekend I spotted (pun intended) a piece of cotton/silk voile, which I purchased as a remnant (yep there is that word again!), from The Cutting Edge.

When I rediscovered this fabric in my stash, a recent Haby Goddess tutorial on how to hem chiffon and other sheer fabrics sprung to mind.  I instantly knew this fabric was destined to become a scarf and I was going to give my 1/4″ quilting machine foot it’s first workout.


The sewing was the easy part of this project.  The trimming of the  excess fabric on the first fold of the hem was difficult and VERY time consuming.  There was also a few, okay several, unwanted snips which were mended with lightweight fusible interfacing.

I’m looking forward to incorporating my new scarf into my wardrobe.  I just need to learn how to wear it.  I did school and kinder drop off with the neatly folded look, but when reviewing the photos I think it’s a little bit too proper for me.  Maybe volume is my friend, and the random drape look is better?  Any hints or tips for scarf wearing would be greatly appreciated.


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