An experimental Hemlock

An experimental Hemlock

After making Figgy’s Stellar Dress in April (my version here) it got me thinking about mixing jersey and woven fabrics.  Look what sewing does… it makes me consider breaking the rules and/or stretching the concept of normal!

With Grainline Studio’s Hemlock Tee in mind, I began experimenting.  Yes, I sewed up some samples!

liberty jersey neckbands

A quick Instagram poll (follow me here) confirmed my gut feeling… the bottom sample was the one to explore further.


In short, I ….

  1. Joined one shoulder seam
  2. Cut a scrap of Liberty on the bias and ironed it in half
  3. Overlocked the raw edge of the binding to the neckline stretching it as I went
  4. Joined the remaining shoulder seam
  5. Ironed, ironed and ironed it some more!
  6. Used my twin needles (one side on the liberty, the other on the jersey) to secure the overlocked edge to the jersey on the wrong side


The result… a nearly flat neckline.  It’s not perfect (did I mention I’m a perfectionist?) but considering the use of different types of fabrics, I’m calling it a good win.


Do you break the rules when sewing?

Pattern:  Grainline Studio’s Hemlock Tee (free pattern & online instructions)
Size:  One size
Fabric:  100% merino jersey (body of tee) from The Fabric Store (probably two seasons ago) and Liberty Tana Lawn for the neckline
Alterations:  Shortened the sleeves by 3 1/4 inches.  Shortened the hem by 3 1/4 inches.
Accessories:  Shoes purchased at Peter Sheppard.  Bangle by Sonia Rykel (brought here).

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