KCWC – Spotty Knit Dress or Nightie?

KCWC – Spotty Knit Dress or Nightie?

Exhibit 4 for Kids Clothes Week Challenge : Heidi & Finn’s Cowlneck Jumper Dress

I know, I know, it wasn’t on the list (the two dresses mentioned are yet to come), but I was having such a great time overlocking, that I just had to keep going…


I brought the fabric from the Spotlight sales rack earlier this year with kids pajamas in mind, but Miss A had other ideas.  Although, looking at the results, I must ask the question – is it a dress or a nightie?  I’m in the nightie camp, but Miss A thinks it’s a dress.  Well, the happy customer must win.  It’s not the type of fight that I’m willing to have with a nearly 6 year old!

This is the size 5/6 but I lengthened it (too much ‘room for growing’ this time) which I think makes it look more nightie-ish.  I might re-work it while Miss A is at school today.


I promise this is the last of these dresses (or nighties depending on which camp you’re in!) for a while.

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  • Ahh, spotty poolside dress? I think it’s more of a nightie myself, but then again considering how little some girls go out wearing, enjoy it while something that length is preferred!