It was time

It was time

Oh look, another smug face from…


a very happy sewer/sewist who… tah dah… has just completed her first Full Bust Adjustment (FBA).


It was time.  I’ve know for a while that I ‘should’ (gosh I hate that word) be FBAing, but instead I skirted around the edges by grading one size up in the bust area.  For knit/jersey projects this was workable solution, but in my sewing heart of hearts I knew that it wasn’t cutting the mustard for wovens.

One of my current wardrobe gaps is 3/4 sleeve tops that can be layered, and in particular, worn under jackets.  I think I have a winner!


Hiding under my jacket is Grainline Studio’s Scout Woven Tee with 3/4 sleeves.  The pattern comes with short sleeves, but Jen has provided super clear and easy to follow tutorial for lengthening them (see Grainline’s Long Sleeved Scout Variation).  For the record, the length of my amended sleeve pattern piece is 19 inches.

Now back to this FBA…  I used a Threads Magazine’s online video (yah it was free!) titled Industry Insider Techniques Vol 4 – Pattern Adjustment for a Full Bust Without Darts.  As per the instructions I added 1 1/2 inches on the horizontal (maroon), 1/2 inch on the vertical (light green) and then trued up the armhole, side seam and hemline (orange).


It worked a treat.  I can lift my arms over my head


and drive the car without tightness across the back.


In my earlier renditions of the Scout Woven Tee (yes, this is not a new pattern to me) I got a little carried away with shortening them at the hem.  For this version I left the hem ‘as it’ and it feels just right.

Oh you’d like to see some more photos?  Here is another front view…


and the back.


I’m already planning on using some stashed liberty for THREE more of these tops.  Three does sound excessive, but I think these will tops that I’ll wear all year around and be perfect for my Sept/Oct European family holiday.

As it’s winter here in Melbourne my current styling will be with jeans, boots, a jacket and a scarf.



Pattern:  Grainline Studio’s Scout Woven Tee
Japanese Tana Lawn from Spotlight
I completed an FBA (see details above) and lengthened the sleeves utilising Jen’s Long Sleeved Scout Variation Pattern Tutorial


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