Easily distracted

This morning I wandered into my sewing room and Miss B followed.  She saw a piece of fabric (a remnant from Kelani) I had out to make a dress for one of her friends.  Miss B took a liking to the fabric and asked if I could make her a skirt.

I don’t usually get requests like these, so I set to work (read here – I was easily distracted from the usual morning routine and my other sewing projects).  I lay the dress pattern pieces on the fabric (thankfully, I had traced and cut them out last night) and there was enough left for a simple elasticised skirt.  If you’re new to sewing and are interested in a tutorial, Dana has one here.


Apologies for the creases.  We were in and out of the car all morning!


Miss B loved feeding the rabbits as much as her new skirt.  Happy girl, happy Mum…  Win win!

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