Today's fabric haul…

I had a lovely afternoon with some other Melbourne sewists.  We hit The Fabric Store in Brunswick Street and then the Alanah Hill Outlet, which also sells fabric.  Drinks and nibbles followed, and I was still home in time for tea!

So, the haul….

I went wanting to buy some fabric to make a Kelly Skirt (it’s a gift for my daughter’s teacher) and didn’t find anything I liked more than something I’ve already seen.

But the purple remnants at the The Fabric Store were kind to me.  They included a small piece of cotton/bambo/lycra (perfect for a girls t-shirt) and a 1.5 metre piece of linen.  I also purchased a lovely drapey patterned knit in blues, greys, browns and beige.  The later piece of fabric is talking to me.  Actually, it’s screaming out to be made into a Truck Stop Top.  I think it will be a queue jumper!


I was feeling quit restrained until we went to Alanah Hill.  Look what I couldn’t go home without…


Clockwise from top left:

1.  A 3m piece of a medium weight cotton.  Perfect for a skirt with loads left over.

2.  Pinwale cord.  I LOVE the pattern, but the reality is it will be a dress for one of my girls, or one of their friends

3.  Floral liberty knit.  Hopefully, because they have both claimed it for themselves,  a t-shirt for each of my girls.

4.  Some cotton voile which will be made into a Scout Woven Tee.  I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a while, but after hearing how well drafted it is today, I’ve just purchased it.  Another possible queue jumper?

Thanks ladies for all you sewing chatter, for answering my random sewing questions and for your wonderful fabric selection advice.  You’re all so inspiring.

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