The state of things

Well after my last post at the beginning of the weekend full of indecision, I thought I might update you on the state of things:

Fingerless Glove

My lonely fingerless glove has a mate!


Although making this glove was quick once I’d successfully cast on, there were several hours of learning along the way.  To tell you the truth I’m still TERRIBLE at casting on.  I think I had two successful attempts out of 50 (or was that 100?).  But on the bright side, the learnings this weekend included:

  • Now knowing how to probably clamp my knitting machine to the table
  • Becoming an expert at untangling yarn when the carriage gets jammed
  • Finding out that when you’re ready to cast off,  you have to have the carriage on the same side as when you casted on (ie.  it has be to an even row number)
  • Discovering the reason why casting off must be done on tension 10!


Well, I was seriously going to go with option 4 and abort pattern (that was just for you poppykettle), but I’m a finisher and I just couldn’t walk away from this one.  So M6519 has kind of taken on a life of it’s own.

I altered the pattern (see below for details) and bravely pulled out a georgeous piece cotton volie from my stash.  This fabric is heavenly against the skin; so soft and silky it’s hard to believe it’s cotton.   The fabric was designed Valori Wells and is called Wildflower in 07Cherry.  It’s been in my stash for a while, but is still available here.

BTW these photos were taken by my 3.5 year old and did require a bit of straightening and cropping.  There was also bribery involved.  The things we do!



The changes:

  • I raised the armholes by 1.5 inches
  • I reshaped the armholes to reduce the width of the shoulder seams by 1/2 inch
  • I trimmed 1/4 off the neckline (if there is a next time, I would take off some more)
  • I reduced the length by 3 inches
  • I sewed contrasting bias tape (made from white viscose) on the neckline and armholes.

The inspiration for the contrasting white trim came after seeing this Treslie Cooper top in the shops on Saturday.

SOFT TOUCH Top - tops | Trelise Cooper

I’m very pleased with this simple top.  I can see it will be a great piece just to throw a jacket on over.


Japanese Peasant Blouse

Lets Just Talk has been washed and will be turned into Pattern B from the Stylish Dress Book very soon.  Watch this space…

Clothing Alterations

Yep… I’m still thinking about that unsexy sewing!

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