Deeper blue reef


I’m back today to share what seems like a small miracle in my sewing journey.




I’ve sewn a pair of shorts which fits my flat bottom and I can both stand and sit in (do you remember these cocktail shorts from two years ago with standing room only?)


This miracle came with some expert assistance from Kim M at The Cloth Shop.  I booked myself in for one of its January sewing workshop and took my recent pair of Reef Shorts to get some assistance with fitting.  So nice to be the student for the day and not the teacher!


Kim M quickly identified that the vertical lines in the shorts were caused by excess fabric in the back pattern piece.  We pinned out the excess fabric (about 3/4″ or 2cm) and altered the back pattern piece and the other two pattern pieces affected by the change; namely the back hem facings and the waistband.  Kim also suggested a slight tweak to the back crotch curve that added a little bit of length.


I cut out and sewed up a calico pair of shorts and discovered that the altered waistband only just fitted over my hips.  I’m so pleased I didn’t go straight to my fashion fabric.  With Kim’s help, I further altered the back pattern piece and added  a little more width at the side seams.  The waistband was also altered to reflect those changes.


For an elastic wasited pair of shorts made from 100% woven fabric, I’m really happy.  They fit me so much better than any RTW pair I’ve owned.  Thanks for all your help Kim.




Pattern:  Megan Nielsen’s Reef Camisole and Shorts Set (Version 2)
Size:  XS
Fabric:  Light weight dark blue denim (a chambray?) from The Cloth Shop
Alterations:  Left off the pockets, removed 3/4″ (2cm) from the width of the back pattern piece & hem facing, added 3/8″ (1 cm) to back side seam tapering to nothing at the hips, altered the waistband to reflect those changes and slightly lengthened the crotch curve.
Accessories:  Beads a gift, as-new second-hand Funkis shoes and the top was blogged here.
Location:  Box Hill Swimming Pool


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  • Anna, your backside looks curvy in these babies! I am very impressed by such a fitting success! Now make a reverse recipe for MY backside please 😉

  • So impressed!! Fitting is definitely an area where I could improve my skills and this is pretty inspiring.

  • Oh these do look so good! Well done 🙂 Sewing lessons worth the investment, right?

  • Excellent fit- if I had any room in my life for shorts, these would be the ones I’d go for!

  • As someone with a flat seat I have found that the flat seat adjustment is the most effective way of taking out the fabric exactly where needed. I would also look at crotch curves. Style arc have a good tutorial for the adjustment. They also do a very good crotch design which is why I think so many women like their trouser patterns. So once you have the right curve for you plus the amount to take out in the adjustment – for me it is about half an inch you are good to go to make the adjustments on any pattern. Another word for this adjustment is a fish eye dart.

  • Such an improvement! Great work lady!