Blue reef


Megan Nielsen’s Reef Camisole and Shorts Set was designed for both sleep and casual wear.  I particularly love the design lines of the shorts (version 2).  Yes, seduced by curved hems again!


Although I love the idea of classy sleepwear, causal shorts are one of my wardrobe gaps, so this pattern was purchased and sewn with that in mind.


I sewed up a toile from a largish scrap of chambray.  I’m usually a rule follower, but I cut one of the hem facings on the cross grain to make it all from the same fabric!


One of the great things about having a few years of sewing under your belt is that you can alter the construction method to incorporate your preferred sewing techniques.  With these shorts, I deviated from the instructions on two occasions:

  • I always prefer to attach the right side of the waistband to the wrong side of the shorts, fold the waistband over the seam and top stitch it in place.  I find this method gives me a much neater finish.
  • The instruction suggest that you hand stitch or top stitch the top of the hem facings in place.  Both good options, but I was feeling a little bit adventurous, so I secured the hem facings by stitching in the ditch.


The shorts have an elastic waist so I selected my size based on my hips measurements.  I was so thrilled when I finished these shorts and tried them on.  I thought I had a great fitting pair of shorts straight out of the packet… but the blog photo shoot revealed that I have some fitting issues to work through.  I wasn’t blessed with backside booty, so I’m about to learn all about flat bottom adjustments.  Wish me luck!


Pattern:  Megan Nielsen’s Reef Camisole and Shorts Set (Version 2)
Size:  XS
Fabric:  Chambray from deep in the stash
Alterations:  Left off the pockets.  I slightly altered the construction method (as outlined above).
Accessories:  Beads from Christine’s and shoes from Zomp
Location:  Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne


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  • They are some lovely hem facings! Honestly I’d never have looked twice at these – but as day wear they’re so cute! Nice one lady.

    • I’m totally thrilled with this pattern. I think with the help of Kim yesterday I nailed the fit. I’m just waiting for some dark chambray to dry and I’ll be whipping up a pair. The shorts in this photo now live with my SIL… she is thrilled.

  • Curved hemline – yeah baby yeah! Have fun learning new things 🙂

    • It so good to learn new things under the careful guidance of an expert. I think I’ve got the fit of these shorts nailed now… just waiting for fabric (okay chambray) to dry so I can make them up in fashion fabric.

  • Those curved hems are so rad – it adds a little pop to this otherwise chill pair of shorts. I love that you have your own waistband assembly order. Experience brings some serious awesome

    • I have a lot of love for this pattern. The curved hem is all sorts of fabulous. You’ll be seeing more Reef Shorts around these parts… that’s for sure!