A modern granny?

A modern granny?


I was in Clegs in Brunswick on Easter Saturday with chief enabler Rachel, and her lovely assistants Bree, George, Jane & Kim, and I came home with some pique cotton from the 50% off section.  The fabric is quite a departure from my usual style, but I really liked the texture and the structure and I had plans…


For me, the fabric has some granny vibes and I wanted to mix it with a modern style.  Enter Simplicity 1366.  Both the fabric and pattern came home with my that day (what’s not to love about a 90th birthday sale at Clegs?) and after washing the fabric, tracing the pattern, cutting the fabric, getting dinner, putting children to bed and sewing, I had a new top before my bed-time.


So what is pique?  It’s a type of cotton fabric that is characterised by it’s unique raised diamond shaped, and waffle-like, weave.  My sewing books tell me that the name pique is derived from the French word piquer meaning ‘to quilt’ and that the fabric is classified as medium-weight.


Fabric lesson over, let’s talk pattern…  I can only now fully appreciate why this pattern is loved far and wide.  The drop shoulders and relaxed fit are easy to sew and easy to wear.  There is not a fastening in sight and I love the half-sleeve look.

For my next version, oh yes there will be a next time, I will experiment with extending the sleeves to 3/4 to keep the Autumn/Winter chill out.  This ponti from Tessuti (now sold out) is in my stash and screaming to be s1366.




The end result is a quirky top that’s different to what’s in my current wardrobe, but definitely not out of place.

Enough from me, tell me a little bit about your experiences…

  • Do you dabble in fabric with granny vibes?
  • Have you made S1366?
  • Are you familiar with pique?
  • Do you like to to experiment with new-to-you fabric types?


Pattern:  Simplicity 1366 (top)
Size:  10
Cotton pique from Clegs
Lengthen the body by  1 inch (2.5 cm).  I like my tops on the shorter side, but I can’t quite come at cropped!
Accessories:   Scarf & shoes from Scarlet Jones.


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  • This is lovely, trying something new is fun & often ends up a favourite with me!
    I’ve made this – unblogged. I like it. The shape is nice. It’s boxy without being shapeless.
    I love sewing new fabrics! It’s addictive!

  • Love the pique fabric and bold flowers Anna, and it looks fab with the colour coordinating scarf!

    I picked up a remnant of navy and white daisy floral last week, I wasn’t sure what the fabric was, but very different to my usual cottons and linens so thought I’d give it a try (only 6,00 euros after all).
    It’s soft and drapes, and has a bit of stretch, my guess is maybe viscose, so cue the Ottobre Sculpture top with draped shoulder pleats and asymmetrical neckline – perfect me thinks!

    I had reservations about the pattern, would everybody think because I’d made it myself the neckline I’d messed up the neckline, and would I keep pulling it over on one side to straighten it up etc….

    Anyway, after days of trying with my walker foot, twin needle, stretch needle, unpicking, ballpoint needle more unpicking, tissue backing, normal needle, the fabric just will not behave and I have puckers, missed stitches, jams in the bobbin case – so this morning it has been ‘ditched’ – the whole project started off with negative tendencies as the fabric smelled funny even after I’d washed it 🙁

    So back to linens and cottons for me then…

    • I can picture the Ottobre pattern that you are talking about. This is one of those stories that reminds me why we like to sew with predictable and ‘well behaved’ fabrics. Experimenting can create some wonderful pieces, but it can also end in masses of frustration and an unwearable item. Hopefully sharing your story is part of your healing process.

  • Awesome! I”ll be making on in ponte soon too. You are just too fast snapping photos and getting them on the blog so quickly!

    • This make jumped the sewing and the blogging queue. I’ve sill six items behind in my blogging (they were all photographed last Wed). Stay tuned for quite a few more posts in the coming weeks…

  • Fab, fab, fab. Thanks for the close up on the fabric too. I did know about pique as it was the answer to a crossword clue the other day, but I couldn’t visualize it. This top has a great shape too. More please. x

  • looks lovely anna! i have about ten 1366ers already and am still planning more for winter. it is such a fantastic pattern, a great easy wearing style with lots of changes possible particularly with sleeve lengths. also great for layering – enjoy making many more!

  • Love, love, love! Can’t wait to see it in the ponte!

  • This looks really great Anna. I’ve only made up 1366 in light fabrics (linen and rayon). Seeing it in a heavier fabric is inspiring me to sew up a few more for winter (also it’s a bit exciting to see my name mentioned in your blog!!!).

    • Kim you were definitely part of the enabling team so I’m pleased that I can return the favour and help you to decide to make some winter version of s1366. It was so lovely to meet you last Saturday… always a pleasure to hang out with my sewing peeps!

  • Beautiful. I desperately want some granny culottes in that pique.

    • I like how your mind works. I could so so so see you in some granny culottes in this fabric. Would you like me to try and source the fabric for you (when I’m back in Melbourne early next week)? I love an excuse to visit a fabric shop! Just let me know. A x

  • The fabric just works! It works because the style works and the style works because you have paired it beautifully with more edgy modern accessories and clothes. It’s a winner. I’ve also been trying to get my hands on that pattern but every damn sale it is conspicuously sold out. Grrrr, must find a copy at cut price. I’m not always one for trying to new fabrics. I love my cotton poplin it is very well behaved. I’m a bit lazy in that regard, I hate dealing with divas (fabrics that is). I should truly extend my range a little though 🙂

    • This was probably the third pattern sale that I’d attempted to get this pattern and I was thrilled for it to be mine. Surely it must be your turn next. I must confess that sewing liberty, linen and stable knits feels like coming home after trying some viscose, silk or thin knit. The pique was a pleasure to sew and didn’t fray as much as I expected. This fabric has been added to the ‘yes without a second thought’ fabric type.

  • I love the floral, granny or not. Lovely top for autumn. I have some pique, have had it for a while, once it arrived by post from Tessuti, I didn’t know what to do with the solid little number.

    • Were on a beach holiday at the moment and it’s a little fresh so I’ve been wearing a thin long sleeve top in a solid colour underneath my floral pique s1366. Who would have thought it would be so easy to layer? I’m beginning to think this top might be the unexpected hit of the season in my wardrobe. Surely everyone gives awards to their clothes?

  • I love this pique on you and agree with Jillian that the way you’ve styled it takes it out of the granny box. This pattern! I’ve really got to get on board!

  • Cute! I love pique, really kind of retro – I wore it a lot when I was a kid! The pattern is nice, much like a Scout Tee or an Aeolian with a narrow sleeve. Looks nice on you.

  • To answer your questions: No, no, no and YES!
    Love a little new fabric adventure, but so often I’m still in the dark about the fabric was. I just know if it was compliant or a total dog to sew!
    Your top looks great and I imagine it’s perfect for autumn at the beach. Happy holidays.

    • Thanks Shelley. After this happy experience I’m going to be braver when it comes to experimenting with fabric types. We’re having a lovely beach holiday, but it is a little fresh. Layers are the go!

  • Gorgeous fabric- love a “vintage” print made in a “modern” atyle! I made a tunic top out of a 70’s print apron recently- which took it from ” granny” to “hip” – I hope!

  • That reminds me of the heavy cotton I made a jean jacket from. It had a raised pattern to it too… and was a beautiful flowered print too!

  • Nice fabric for 1366. I’ve made several & wore one tonight! (Silk noil.) It’s been a great top to layer during the winter – I’m sure you’ll get a ton of wear out of it.

  • I love pique, as I do most textured fabrics, but it’s not very easy to find. Your top looks great on you, and as always you’ve styled it impeccably. You are SO in your sewing/styling stride!

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