A tee for every day of the week… Tuesday

A tee for every day of the week… Tuesday


When I started this long sleeve tee project, I was searching for the perfect tee pattern for me.  As I began sewing, I realised that there are different tees for different situations and there might just be more than one perfect tee!


I have a tight fitting RTW striped long sleeve tee (purchased 5+ years ago) that gets worn loads in the cooler months.  It’s the perfect layering tee… to be worn under clothes.  I wanted to replicate this tee and I decided that Kwik Sew 3766 might be the pattern for the job… but I was very, very, very wrong!


To recreate a tight fitting tee, I sewed the size small with the length of the extra large.  The Kwik Sew pattern was disappointing to say the least.  The shoulders were wide, there was excess fabric in the upper body and it was too tight in the bust.  Yes, all sorts of wrong.  It was so ill-fitting, I didn’t even finish the neckline or hem it before relegating it to my pyjama draw.  That’s where all my failed knit projects end up.  What do you do with your failed knit projects?


That being said, the fit from the waist to the hem was just what I was looking for.  Can you guess what happened next?  Yes, that’s right, I married the top half of Megan Nielsen’s Briar pattern to the bottom half of Kwik Sew 3722.  Sarah, your pattern mashing ways are rubbing off on me!


The ‘marrying’ wasn’t as straight forward as you might think as the seam allowances on the patterns differed greatly.  The seam allowances on the Briar are 5/8″ and the Kwik Sew pattern includes 1/4″ seam allowances.  I over-layed the patterns, worked through the maths, checked the length of the side seams with my trusty Curve Runner (read more about this tool in my last post) and I was good to go.  During this ‘marrying phase’ I might have banned my husband and children from talking to me!


The end result is not as tight as the RTW top that I was trying to replicate, but it’s a very wearable layering tee that will be perfect under my Liberty Linden Sweatshirt and some soon to be sewn garments.


Pattern:  A marriage between Megan Nielsen’s Briar Sweater & T-shirt Sewing Pattern & Kwik Sew 3766
The Briar was an SX in the shoulders and a S in the bust and arms & Kwik Sew 3766 was an S in the waist/hips with the length of an XL
European cotton lycra knit from Crafty Mamas
Merging the two patterns together!
Accessories:   Scarf from Scarlet Jones and shoes from Habbot
Location:  Fairfield Park


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  • Impressed that you stuck with it! I love to wear down vests so I can appreciate a tighter fitting tee. This one looks like a keeper!

  • This is a lovely top.

    Perhaps you could rub off your favourite RTW top to create a close fitting tee?

    If the fabric has enough stretch, you could turn your failed top into a camisole or knickers.

    • I haven’t go into ‘rubbing off’ yet, but I think it might just be time. Thanks for reminding my about this method.

  • Ooh it’s a super mashup! I agree totally – there are perfect tees for different scenarios – scoop neck and tight sleeves for wearing under cardigans, boxy and boat neck for getting ones’ inner Frenchie on, loose and flowing for summer….. So many!

    • I love the idea of all of those tees that you mentioned. I have my Briar with the hacked hem on today with an Aeolian french terry top over it. It’s so fun trying some new wardrobe combinations with my new long sleeve tees!

  • Pattern mash ups always sound so impressive. I wouldn’t know where to start. I’m glad I’m not the only one that bans my family interrupting when I’m thinking (ie calculating) 🙂

    • I don’t like interruptions either. I’m not one who would thrive in an open plan office. I like quiet too much!

  • Love the colour on this one! The bottom half does look fabulous, but if one was to be hypercritical (and why sew 7+ long sleeves tees and not be) I’d say the shoulder looks a bit wide and there’s excess fabric in the upper bust – those wrinkles just in front of your upper arms. Should it be smaller with an fba of sorts? I don’t know the answer but I notice those wrinkles aren’t present in your b&w striped tee.

    • You’re so right. This top will get worn, but I doubt that the ‘mashed’ pattern will see the light of day again!