A tee for every day of the week… Monday

A tee for every day of the week… Monday


Briar, Briar, pants are on fire!  Right, now I’ve go that out of my system…


I’ve sewn Megan Nielsen’s Briar Sweater and T-shirt pattern a twice before.  Since then, my style has moved on from the exaggerated high/low hem of the pattern, but I knew that the fit at the shoulders and bust was great for me, so I decided to have a play around with the hem and the neckline.  The result, a very wearable garment.  Hip hip hooray!


When I’m hacking patterns, I find my Curve Runner Measuring Tool is invaluable.  No affiliate links my friends, I’m just telling you about a tool I love and adore!


Are you familiar with this tool?  The Curve Runner (available in inches or centimetres) is a rolling ruler with measurements marked along the edges.  To use, you place the starting point (ie. zero) at the beginning of line to be measured, and then start rolling it along the line’s length, making sure you kept count of how many times it makes a full revolution.  It’s so much easier than wrangling a tape measure around curves!

For this project I used the Curve Runner twice.  Firstly, after hacking the hemline, I measured the sides seams on both the front and back pattern pieces to ensure they were the same length.  I also raised the neckline on this tee by one and a half inches (4cm) and I used the Curve Running to measure the length of the redrafted neckline to help me determine the size of the new neck binding piece.


For this Briar, I used an Art Gallery jersey (95% cotton and 5% elastane) called ‘Threaded Shreds Knit in Mamey’ which I purchased from Kelani Fabrics last year.  The fabric is soft, it was easy to sew and of course I love the colour palette.


The verdict… I’m going to get a lot of wear out of this long sleeve tee!



Pattern:  Megan Nielsen’s Briar Sweater & T-shirt Sewing Pattern
Size:  Small
Fabric:  Art Gallery jersey (95% cotton and 5% elastane) called ‘Threaded Shreds Knit in Mamey’ purchased from Kelani Fabrics (sold out)
Alterations:  I omitted the pocket, raised the neckline by  1.5″ (4cm) and significantly altered the hem
Accessories:  Japanese scarf from Scarlet Jones and boots from Florsheim


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  • This Briar version is perfect on you. I can see many more in your future! (Totally off-topic here, but can I ask what products you use in your hair? The products I have always used aren’t working so well for me right now. I also need to come down and get another haircut from Neel.)

    • Thanks Judie. Curls… so hard to manage! My hair is always a little ‘fluffy’ after a wash and I just add a little bit of sorbolene (yep… moisturiser!) to it. Shock horror!

  • I love your fabric on this Briar. It really is on fire! Just perfect for an Autumn day.

    • I’m blending in beautifully with the autumn leaves in this outfit aren’t I trish? I was impressed with the Art Gallery knits. I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them again.

  • This is great Anna! Looks like such a great casual fit and also good for layering. I made a cropped Briar ages ago and dug it out recently and was thinking that the fit was pretty good. I may need to copy this idea 🙂

    • Copy away Jane. My ‘new hem’ was approximately halfway between the two versions on the pattern… and evened out of course.

  • Look forward to trying this one on! Gorgeous photos lovely!

  • Your styling is so well done! That ruler looks very helpful. Much better than my method of guess, baste, unpick, and try again!

    • There is definitely a place for guess, baste, unpick and try again. I use the method frequently when applying neckbands!

  • Gosh I want your wardrobe, I don’t think you’ve ever seen something that I think Meh! Not me! Love this the colour is perfection for you.

  • You always choose such lovely fabrics.

  • I really like this tee – the shape and fabric. And I’m enamored with your curve runner! I especially like how you used to it calculate the new neckline and neckband measurements. That’s genius. Now do I need one…

    • I’m wearing this tee today… and let’s face it I probably will tomorrow too! Of course you need a curve runner, you can never have too many sewing gadgets!

  • It’s beautiful. I love it.

    In my part of the world it’s supposed to be nearing summer and normally the weather is very summer-like by late May but right now it feels almost like winter. I’m thinking about going back to making long sleeved shirts.

    • Weather is so fickle these days, it doesn’t seem to be able to make up it’s mind. For now I’m sticking to long sleeve tops… even though summer sewing if my favourite!

  • Those colours are so lovely! I am also impressed that they match your scenery! Very professional.

    • I am a bit matchy matchy aren’t I!?! Autumn is a favourite season and a colour palette that I enjoy wearing… it’s therefore hardly surprising I’m toning with my garden!