A tee for every day of the week… Wednesday

A tee for every day of the week… Wednesday


Meg introduced me to the Union Street Tee by Hey June and when I started doing some further research, as I do with all pattern purchases (hello Google image searches), it looked great on lots of different woman.  Curiosity got the better of me….


I have to say, I’m really impressed with this pattern. I sewed the straight size small with the scoop neck and my only alteration was to narrow the width of the neckband (personal preference).


The sleeves are a little long, but admittedly I have short arms.  Next time, and yes, there will definitely be a next time, I will shorten the arms by an inch and remove an inch or so from the length too.  But hey, I’m talking perfect world stuff!



The neckline was sewn without incident and my fabric behaved beautifully from start to finish.  This charcoal and white stripe is from deep in the stash… a cotton/viscose/lycra blend which I purchased from The Fabric Store many moons ago.  #nevertoomanystripes


Did you know that glue is one of my secret weapons when sewing knits?  For me, fusible stay tape is a must for stabilising shoulder seams and necklines.  I’m also fond of Vliesofix Bondaweb which is a two sided iron-on adhesive tape that comes in three different widths T6, T10 & T25.  I was introduced to this product when bag making, but now I mostly use Vlieseofix Bondaweb for gluing hems in place before stitching them down.  It’s particularly helpful if your fabric is slightly slippery… I’m looking at you viscose!  Do you sew with glue?


And for those who have got to the bottom of this post, I’ll let you in on a little secret… this is my favourite tee of the week!


Pattern:  Hey June’s Union Street Tee (scoop neck)
Size:  Small
Fabric:  Cotton/viscose/lycra blend from The Fabric Store (sold out)
Alterations:  I used a one inch hem on the sleeves rather than the recommended half inch
Accessories:  Sophie Digard scarf from Scarlet Jones and shoes from Gorman
Location:  Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne


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  • A girl can never have too many stripes in her life. That scarf is lovely!
    I haven’t dipped into knits since a few experiences making windcheaters (really! out of that matching rib and windcheater knit you used to be able to get at market stalls when they still sold fabrics) in the 80s.
    Does the bondaweb dissolve on washing? Do you rip it out? I’m thinking I need to do a wee course on overcoming my fear of my lovely but as yet unused Bernina overlocker… Sigh.

    • Never ever too many stripes. The scarf is a favourite and get lots of wear (I’m trying to bring the price per wear down to a reasonable ratio to justify the expense of purchasing it!). To tell you the truth, I’m not sure if the bondaweb dissolves as it’s between the hem and the top, but what ever happens, no-one will know it is there. I found an intro overlocking course got me going… go and book one ASAP!

  • Fabulous! Glad you liked the Union St. Tee!! By the way, I am loving this tee comparison- very interesting!

    • I must admit, I love it when other people do comparisons, so what started as a little project to fill a wardrobe gap has ended up being something that I can share with my fellow sewists.

  • A lovely “classic” tee with a great fit. I have recently sewn up a few of the Lane Raglan tees by the same pattern maker and it was also a really straightforward sew with a great result.

    • After such success with this pattern, I have my eye on the Lane Raglan and a couple of other woven Hey Jude patterns too!

  • A lovely striped t – need to check it out as I had never heard of this pattern before.

    Glue, love my blue glue stick for sticking down all my hems before stitching.

    • I’m pleased to have found a fellow gluer! I don’t yet own any blue glue… but it’s only a matter of time!

  • Loving this series of tees! It would be interesting to see the patterns all laid on top of one another to see the differences in shape.

    • Over laying all the patterns, now there is a good idea. But the reality is that the Trace & Toile product I use wouldn’t show the pattern underneath. Now if I just had some pdf skills…

  • I think this is the best of the week! I love this pattern too. Made a couple last winter and they were in heavy rotation!

    • It was definitely the winner in my books. I can see myself making several more for winter, before revisiting the pattern in summer (my summer tee collection is woeful!)

  • I’m a big fan of No More Pins in tight situations where pins just don’t work.

  • This is absolutely my fave of the mix. It’s my kind of long sleeved tee. And yes, I’m addicted to glue in sewing. I bought Wondertape a while back (double-sided and water soluble so it washes away in first wash) and I really have to get a second lot. I use it to hold pieces together for sewing in leatherwork (I don’t think there is any type of clamp or clip that does not leave a mark on leather IMHO). It really works to stop the pieces shifting whilst sewing. Of course you can’t wash it out, so I make sure it’s well within the seam allowance and never had a problem. I also use it to place and fix patch pockets in place for topstitching. Genius – pinholes and distorted fabric from frequent pinning are a thing of the past. And of course I’m now in love with fusible stay tape after you initiated me xx

    • My favourite tee of the week too. The fit is fabulous and it’s one of those instances that I didn’t realise how nice the fabric was until it was all sewn up. And yes yes yes to glue!

  • This fits so beautifully! Yes I use glue! Sometimes just UHU! And my beloved steam a seam 2 lite for hems on knits because it stretches….