Pattern purchasing…

Pattern purchasing…

Six new patterns!  How did that happen?  With such lovely inspiration in my blog reader, it’s hardly surprising really!

Today I swapped actual sewing time, for dreaming of sewing time, which led to the purchasing the following patterns from Sew Squirrel.  BTW, I was looking at Liberty Tana Lawn online last night, so this was the cheaper option!

Lola by Victory Patterns – I was totally inspired by Leisl’s recent review on the Handmaker’s Factory.  I can see myself in a ponti version.

Satsuki by Victory Patterns – I love a good sack that, as Lara says, allows you to eat a huge dinner …without any discomfort!  And v-necks are flattering for a busty bird like me.

Source: Victory Patterns

Hazel by Victory Patterns – Because when you have two patterns by one company in your cart, what the heck, throw in one more!

Source: Victory Patterns

Violet by Colette – I decided long ago that I didn’t need this pattern.  I already own two similar ones… the Banksia Top and the Airelle Blouse (well, I think they are kinda similar) and I’m yet to make either of them.  But then Amy of SewAmySew posted this review and Violet became a forgone purchasing conclusion!

Pendrell Blouse by Sewaholic – I’ve seen lots of lovely Pendrell’s over the past two years, but I wasn’t sure about this shape for me (and my thick waist) until Rosi made a version with extra ‘tummy room’ for her postpartum bump and I saw the potential!

Source: Burda Style

And finally, the Victoria Blazer by By Hand London.  I’ve been looking at the pattern photos and wondering.  Without a line drawing (why don’t they have one?) I just couldn’t work it out if it was my kind of jacket.  I’m drawn to the cropped version and this review, was what tipped me over the edge.

This jacket pattern might just be the one for my 2013 SewlutionI Blogless Anna, will sew a jacket and/or coat with a lining in 2013.  Although, I keep changing my mind on what pattern to use…  I think that’s called procrastination!

Have you being adding to your pattern stash lately?  Do tell, it might make me feel a little less guilty!

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  • I was thinking oh so high and mighty that I hadn’t bought much lately. Except for the Sewaholic pants, Jalie raglan sleeve tee and some Deer & Doe patterns in holidays. Oops!

  • I resist buying patterns, then I read about them on blogs and crumble! You’ve got me thinking about Banksia and Arielle again…

    • I hear you. With so much inspiration around, it’s hard to resist. Although, I do think I’m better at saying to myself, oh that’s lovely, but it won’t suit me. I see this as a step in the right direction!

  • I am a pattern hoarder. I got a membership to vogue patterns last year and to compensate for the expensive shipping I bought about 10 patterns at a time when there was a sale. And since I started blogging I’ve discovered all these awesome indie designers so of course I need to have them ALL. my latest purchase was two victory patterns (Ava and the wrap around one) and an adult one-piece jumpsuit ( for my brotherinlaw who doesn’t want to pay 150 euros for a brand name one).
    But patterns keep coming out faster than I can sew….

    • I not sure if I could sew up all the patterns I own (and I’ve only been sewing for two years!) in my life time but yet I’m still buying. I think I fit into the pattern hoarder category too.

  • What a splurge!! Go you!!! I went with Tessuti’s Tokyo jacket instead of the Victoria Blazer, I feel like they are kind of similar (light jacket). But then again maybe I’ll make both ;). I can totally see you in the Hazel, Ps thanks for the linky

  • I have purchased two of the Victory patterns, a dress and a peplum top, and printed them out. Yet to be sewn (probably once peplums are way out of date I’ll finally get around to it!!). I have also purchased a few other online patterns to make kids underwear and skinny jeans… really should use them soon! Also contemplating ordering the Tessuti ponti pants pattern…

    • I actually purchased the paper Victory patterns. I don’t mind pdfs for kids clothes or tops/short skirts/simple pants, but when it comes to dresses for me, I’d much prefer paper patterns. As you’ve probably heard me say many times before, Tessuti’s ponti pants are fabulous – buy them! 🙂

  • Vicarious pattern shopping, lovely! I’ve been looking at that Victoria blazer too, but like you don’t understand why there is no line drawing – I always pay more attention to the line drawing than to photos or illustrations. Glad that you like the Victory “sack” as well (he he he). I’ve got the Pendrell pattern too, but haven’t made it up yet – perhaps we need a December Pendrell sewalong?

  • Nice work! Nothing wrong with a bit of pattern collecting. I have every single Victory Pattern except one, how many have I made – none. Don’t feel bad 😉

    • Zoe you have made my day! And to make you feel better, the same could be said for my Colette pattern collection. Out of the ten currently in my possession, nine are unused and there is one fail. I will get back Laurel …when the scars have healed …which I doubt will be anytime soon!

  • Niice. We can live out out differing dress lives through each other. I’ll admire your slinkly, non-waist-defining frocks like the gorgeousness that is Lola and Satsuki, and well… you’re welcome to admire my waist-defining creations any time you like. But don’t get tooo close, okay? That might be wierd. 🙂 hehe!!
    And sewlutions?? Gosh, I don’t think I’m going to get around to mine. I know we’ve still got 6 months to go in the year, but I’m my sewing time is pretty booked out!

  • I really like the Victoria Blazer – make it soon so I can decide if I want it!! And so I can try yours on – it will save me doing a muslin!