My crafting head is all over the place at the moment, and I’m not sure where to start.  I’m hoping documenting it all will help!

Tops Indecision

I have a muslin cut and sewn up, without the neck and arm binding, for M6519.


Like Sew Red Love, the armholes require raising, and for me, the shoulders are a little wide.  I can’t decide whether to:

  1. cut a smaller size,
  2. alter the existing pattern (which would be all guesswork as I have little pattern alteration experience!),
  3. a combination of 1 and 2,
  4. or simply to abort pattern.

Looking at the pattern photo again, maybe I’ve chosen the wrong pattern.  The version the model is wearing is gapey under the arms and wide on the shoulder.  I’m gong to think about it some more.  I’m a strong believer in ‘if you don’t know what to do, do nothing’.

I’ve also traced Pattern B from Stylish Dress Book.  All the gathering in my Emma Top, and my love of my vintage Simplicity 5547 top, reminded me of this pattern.  I’m a hoarder of Japanese Pattern books (only the English versions though!) so it will be good to actually make something rather than just swoon over them!

Now for the indecision…  I don’t know whether to cut straight into my lovely piece of Lets Just Talk from Tessuti, or to test it first.  I’m leaning towards being daring!  Maybe a good first step would be to wash the fabric?


I also brought the Makers’ Journal Truck Stop Top pattern this week and I’m itching to make it up in a navy cotton/spandex/modal remnant from Tessuti.  The jersey binding with a rolled edge on the neck and sleeves looks easy (thanks to the tutorial) and gives a great finish.

Styling & Alterations

Yesterday I spent a fun 3.5 hours with a stylist in my wardrobe.  I’ve always had a good sense of colour – I’m one of those (annoying) people who has had their ‘colours done’ and shops for fabric with a colour wheel in hand – but putting an outfit together often stresses me.


I feel a little self conscious admitting that I’m having help with this, but I’m seeing it as a good investment (rather than an extravagance).  My main problem was I had several lovely pieces, but no idea how to wear them.

It was an enlightening session.   The main themes were layering, rolling up my sleeves, undoing a button or two, and getting those legs out!  I now have a small pile of clothes that need altering, not hard stuff (mainly raising hems) but very unsexy sewing!   The good news is that I only have a small bag of clothes for the op shop, and a dozen or so photos on my phone of fabulous outfits that I would never have thought of myself!

Machine Knitting

My knitting machine has been serviced.  It is now in peak condition and is screaming to be used.  When I collected my machine, the lovely Brianna from Jack of Diamonds, gave me a quick refresher while making a fingerless glove.  My homework is to make the matching pair.


The yarn was gifted to me (thanks Nikki) and is three strands of single ply wool – two beige and one dove grey.  I love the subtle look it gives.  I’ll definitely be using this combination again.

So, where to start?  I still don’t know, but it’s good to have written it all down.  Thanks for reading/listening.

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  • I like tops like these too…and have the same issue re shoulders/amrscyes being too big etc.. I was making tops to fit full bust….just recently put theory into practice and tried an FBA with a size that fits high bust ….it worked! Shoulders and back fit soooo much better….and no pulling/gaping across the front. I’m a Warm/light too re colours…I think it’s great to get a stylist’s input! I did the same a while back….really a great enlightenment…and sparked life into items that I hadn’t worn for ages but couldn’t quite say why…shortening skirts and dresses worked wonders! PS that red floral fabric is spectacular!

    • I’ve been scared of FBA (another fear to overcome!). I was re-reading about them last week and wondering whether to give it a go. You might have just swayed me! The only problem is that in the big four pattern companies I have brought patterns in the larger size range to fit my bust and if I do a FBA I’d have to re-buy them. Hhhmmm… And thanks for sharing about using a stylist too. It makes me feel a little bit ‘normal’.

      • I did the same thing with Big 4 patterns!!! I’m on the border of the size range and also went with the larger size range. I tried scaling them down…but it’s been a royal pain to do that. (I prefer BurdaStyle magazine – their size range has me well and truly covered, so to speak). Ah, well, sew and learn…Definitely try the FBA – it’s so simple but effective! There are a tonne of online tutorials on how to to it…

  • I’m not sure of the top pattern either – it looks like they have tucked all the excess under her right arm. Go with the tessuti and they stylish dress top 🙂

  • Oooh that let’s talk fabric is delicious!!! I love the word abort, so I’m tempted to go with that option purely because the word in this context makes me giggle. But really, the whole reason I sew is so I can alter designs to suit my form… so surely it must be either one or a combo of the options preceding the abort?
    Go the colour wheel… nice you hear you had a lovely experience with the stylist!!

  • Im really starting to give the big4 envelopes a thurough look before i buy now- I have fallen victim to the ‘why is she posing like that’ hide the structure flaws twice lately!?

  • I’ve got so much indecision going on I don’t know where to begin. At least you are etching out a plan. I just tend to avoid, procrastinate etc. Sorry, not much help here. Arrrgh.

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