2013 in review – the missess

2013 in review – the missess

I love a bit of navel gazing, so I’m joining Gillian from Crafting a Rainbow Top 5 of 2013 blog series.

Top 5 of 2013 - An Annual Blog Series

First up, the misses…

1)  Madagascar Stripe Alexa T-Top


Reason:  Fabric/Style.  The pattern on the fabric is just too dramatic for this quirky romantic.

2)  Modified Alexa T-Top


Reason:  Fabric.  I love relaxed fit of this top, but the fabric has a little bit of a shine to it (not noticeable in these photos) and I think that’s the reason it doesn’t make it’s way out of the wardrobe.

3)  Modified Vintage Simplicity 5547


Reason:  Fabric Colour/Style.  The black background (black is not my colour!) and the fine floral print on the lovely silk fabric is a little too classic for me these days.  The good news is that the top now happily resides in one of my dear friends wardrobes.

4)  Scout Dress


Reason:  Fabric Colour/Pattern.  I thought I’d jazz up this light grey dress (the colour doesn’t do anything for me) with bright scarves, but the reality is that it just sits in my wardrobe.  I also don’t like the way that side seam creeps around to the front.  I loved making this dress, so I’m a bit disappointed it’s on the misses list.

5) Dress A from the Stylish Dress Book (version 1 and version 2)



Reason:  Overfitting.  Both these dresses are overfitted and no longer live in my wardrobe.  At the time of making, I failed to embrace the Japanese vibe of roominess.  For a good contrast, the version I made my sister-in-law is a winner.


I can’t finished this misses post without a notable mention (it was a good save in the end).  I still giggle every time I see the dress photo.  The original post tells the whole story, but to sum up – pattern placement people!



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