What did I wear on a 40 degree summer day in Melbourne?

What did I wear on a 40 degree summer day in Melbourne?

My new sleeveless Lily Linen Dress of course!


This Lily has been planned and talked about since last September (when I made my mustard version), cut out since January (11 months ago!) and she was sewn up at Sewjourn last the weekend.  Lily is a VERY patient girl!


I now feel the need to gush about this pattern.  The fit is perfect (straight out of the packet is a rarity for me), I adore the neckline, the pockets are awesome and the little pleats on the hemline are the icing on the cake.  It’s the perfect hot summer day dress.

I must confess that the pocket placement and hemline pleats required some guesswork on this version.  When I packed for Sewjourn I remembered the pre-cut fabric, matching thread, instructions and a printed copy of the pocket tutorial, but I left my pattern at home.  I didn’t think I needed it, but naughtily I hadn’t transferred the pattern markings onto the fabric when I cut it out.  Luckily, Lara has an excellent memory and with her expert guidance and my relaxed attitude – sewing weekends are good for the soul – the pockets look exactly as they should.  I added 16 rather than 12 pleats to the hem just because I could.  I’m such a rebel!


Pattern:  Tessuti’s Lily Linen Dress
Olive green enzymed washed linen from Tessuti (purchased 12 mths ago)
  I eliminated the sleeves and bound the armholes with bias binding (as per the neckline).  I added four extra pleats to the hemline.

I forgot how much I love sewing and wearing linen and I’m inspired to make some more linen dresses for the summer.  My head is swimming with ideas.  I think I need to sit down and daydream some more…


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