Stepping out in stripes


I don’t know what to write because I have so many things to say.  There is the pattern, the fabric, my first forward shoulder adjustment and of course a wirehaired pointer puppy.  What more could you want?


I’ve been eyeing off the Timpe Tee by Schneidernmeistern via Instagram for a while, but I had a sneaking suspicion that Monika would release it in English… and she did!



The Timpe Tee is a classic breton shirt that is screaming out to be sewn in stripes.  These stripes were a gift from Alice (thanks Alice) and they have been in the ‘too precious’ section of my stash for a couple of years.  It’s like this fabric was patiently waiting for this pattern.


Being precious fabric, I toiled the Timpe Tee to check sizing.  I tried on my toile and I could hear Sarah’s voice in my head… “Anna, I think you’d benefit from a forward shoulder adjustment”.  She was right!  I often find boat neck styles to be a little chokey… and then I scoop out the front neckline to make them less so.


But readers, I have now come to terms with the fact that, thanks to computers, sewing and general bad posture, I have forward shoulders.  I texted the lovely Sarah and asked her to give me her best forward shoulder adjustment resources.  She came back with the goods… “Maria Denmark for the bodice alteration and a Threads Magazine video for the sleeve alteration”.  The results speak for themselves.  Thanks Sarah.  I’m a forward shoulder adjustment convert.


And three cheers for a tee which is the perfect length.  I can put on a scarf in public without flashing my mid-rift.  Happy days!





In conclusion, it’s all love… for the Timpe Tee and this little puppy (borrowed not mine!).


Pattern:  Schneidernmeistern’s Timpe Tee in English.  Please note, the pattern comes without seam allowances.
Size:  36
Fabric:  Cotton/polyester knit
Alterations:  Forward shoulder adjustment (3/8″ or 1cm)
Accessories:  Sophie Digard Scarf from Scarlet Jones and sneakers from Ecco
Location:  Eastern Suburbs, Melbourne


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