Have you seen Karl lately… in Melbourne?


It appears that Karl is quite the ladies man.  If Instagram is anything to go by, then he has been winning hearts all over the world… mine included!


By Karl, I’m referring to the new jersey dress pattern released today by Schneidernmeistern (there is a discount at the bottom of the post).  “Karl is a cozy, high collar, sweater dress in midi length.  The unpretentious design creates a timeless look.  Karl has a slightly oversized fit, a funnel neck and a side pocket.”


I assisted Monika with proof-reading and testing the English version (it’s available in German too) of this pattern.

On Friday night, I was having a beverage and admiring chlorine resistant swimwear fabrics samples with Shelley (she was wearing a Karl at the time!) and we got chatting about why we pattern test.  For me, it comes down to one or more of the following three things:

  1.  Helping a friend
  2.  Trying out a new-to-me style or silhouette
  3.  Pushing myself to expand my sewing skills

This pattern test fits into categories one and three.


Those who have been reading my blog for a while will know how much I love sewing and wearing sack dresses and my preference for above the knee hems.  Karl is definitely a new silhouette for me, and I’m pleased to report that the style and relaxed fit suits my tastes and my lifestyle.  I put this dress on for the photos and then didn’t take it off for the rest of the day.  Yah for trying new things!


The amount of ease built into this pattern is generous, but it was designed that way.  If you want more of an insight into the inspiration behind Karl, Monika has written a great blog post with all the details.  And don’t forget, you can always size down if you prefer a more fitted dressed.



I’ve embraced the relaxed style of Karl and blended between sizes to account for my measurements.  I’ve sewn a 36 in the shoulders, graded to a 38 in the bust and waist, and graded back to the 36 in the hips.  This version is about 4″ (10cm) shorter than drafted… partly due to my height (lack of) and my preference for a just below the knee midi.  The arms have been shortened a bit too, which is a common adjustment for me.


I found the funnel neck to be a little bit tight on me (but still very wearable) and I will grade out a couple of sizes next time.  Speaking of tight necks, the fabric you use needs to have a minimum of 60% stretch otherwise it won’t fit over your head.  You have been warned!


Karl is drafted with a single pocket, which I left off.  I don’t have anything against pockets, in fact I know how useful they are, I was just short on time and I suspected my substantial fabric (a ponte from deep in the stash) might not have ‘liked’ being top stitched in place.


Karl has been released in both German and English (pdf only – A4 and A0 files included) and is available with a 15% discount until Nov 6th, 2016.  It can be purchased from the following retailers:

Did you spot the wattle in the background all my photos?  There is a magpie in one photo too.  Although it’s supposed to be spring here in Melbourne, it’s still quite cold, which means it’s perfect Karl wearing weather.


Do you think Karl might win your heart too?

Pattern:  Schneidernmeistern’s Karl Dress (pdf available in German and English)
Size:  36 in the shoulders, graded to a 38 in the bust and waist, and graded back to the 36 in the hips
Fabric:  Ponte from deep in the stash
Alterations:  Dress length shortened by 4″ (10cm) and arm length shortened by 1.25″ (4cm)
Accessories:  Brooch from Scarlet Jones and boots from Florsheim
Location:  Maranoa Gardens, Melbourne


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