The Pyjama Game – Part 2


After my first pair of Kwik Sew 3553 pyjama bottoms were very roomy in the rear, I did a little bit of online research on flat seat/bottom adjustments.  Closet Case Files’ 14 Common Jean & Pants Fitting  Adjustments was the visual and quick written reference that I needed.  I followed Heather Lou’s advice and removed width from the top of the inseam of the back leg.

I’ve over-layed the pattern pieces between version one (underneath) and two (on top).  Please ignore the differences in the rises, version two is true to the pattern.  As the pyjama bottom legs were very wide I also took some width out of the front and back inseam.


The results…


Not perfect, but greatly improved.


See those drag lines curving around my rear?  That’s why version three was created.


Pattern:  Kwik Sew 3443 – View A (pyjama bottoms only)
Size:  Small
Fabric:  Cotton from The Fabric Store (from deep in the stash)
Alterations:  Flat seat/bottom adjustment and removed 1cm from the inseam of both the front and back pattern pieces
Accessories:  NA
Location:  An empty 1950s house (a time capsule) in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

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  • Flat-butted ladies of the sewing land unite! The last pair of pj pants I made were in a dark fabric specifically to hide just such a thing. If I ever make another, I’ll have to give your adjustments a whirl! Love the pics 🙂

    • LOL… I’m in excellent company it seems. I remember when you made the Sewaholic pjs and had a world of trouble fitting them. I’ve got some shorts of casual pants on my ‘to sew’ list, so I expect that this is only the beginning of my flat bottom adjusment journey. See Jen’s comment for some other great resources for ladies like us.

  • Such a simple change with such dramatic results!