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Blog backdrops are chosen for a variety, and sometimes multiple, reasons.  In this instance, there was two reasons… I loved bright colour and Sharon saw the chance for me to be a bit silly!  I do seem to be getting sillier with each birthday, and I’m realising that my care factor about what other people think is decreasing at a similar rate!


The more extreme ‘climbing a painted ladder’ photo can been viewed on Instagram!


Now, back to this freshly sewn linen top which is my last make for #sewjapaneseinjanuary this year.  It’s from a book in my collection that I had long admired, but hadn’t sewn from before.  The pattern is the first one in the book [ISBN 978-4-579-11395-8] and it’s perfect for striped fabric.




The blue and grey striped linen I used was a spring arrival at The Cloth Shop.  It’s sadly sold out but there are other equally as lovely striped linens available.


The change of stripe direction is just the type of added interest that I like in a pattern… a carefully drafted detail that elevates it from basic to dreamy.


I made a few of my usual fit alterations to the pattern before cutting out my fabric.  The body of the top was shortened by 2″ (5cm), as were the sleeves.  I also performed a 3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment and left off the pocket.  I often don’t add pockets to my tops as my bust does not require any highlighting!


I think I’ll return the sleeves to their ‘as drafted’ length when I make this top again.  I’ve come to realise that I prefer a wider cuff when the sleeves are folded up.  Oh yes, this pattern will definitely be getting another outing.


Now can we just talk about my label for a moment.  It just makes me heart sing.  My friend, and clever business woman, Kylie had these made for me as a thank-you and I love adding them to my makes.  There will definitely be more side seam label action in my near future!


This Japanese pattern books has four sizes – 7, 9, 11 & 13 – but this particular pattern was only drafted for two combined sizes – 7/9 & 11/13.  I flat measured the pattern and decided that the smallest size included enough bust and hip ease for a relaxed fit.


I’m interested to know if you have noticed that in all the above photos I’m missing my trademark accessories?  I thought I would style this top simply at first, so you could see the the design lines, before hitting you with a whole lot of colour!





What an inspiring month of  Japanese sewing.  Thanks to everyone who sewed and tagged their makes with #sewjapaneseinjanuaryJane and I have had so much fun that we are planning a #sewjapaneseinjuly to allow for seasonal changes between the hemispheres.  I’ve had a winter coat from one of my Japanese sewing books on my ‘to sew’ list for several years… maybe with the help of a new hashtag 2019 will be the year that I finally sew it!


Pattern:  Pattern A from a Japanese sewing book [ISBN 978-4-579-11395-8]
Size:  7-9 (the smaller of the two sizes available)
Fabric:  Linen from The Cloth Shop [sold out]
Alterations:  Reduced the body and sleeve length by 2″ (5cm), left off the pocket and performed a 3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment
Outfit:  Jeans from Witchery and the scarf was a present.  Brown heels from Luisa and yellow brogues from Habbot
Photo Location:  Haymes Paint, Ballarat


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