I cut out this project during Sew Japanese in July, but then I injured my thumb playing hockey, so it was set aside until October.  It’s now in my wardrobe and I couldn’t be happier.  In fact, I’m wearing it at work today!



The pattern is from a Japanese sewing book by Aoi Koda with the translated title ‘Adult Clothes That Can Be Worn For a Long Time’ (ISBN is 978-4-529-05935-0).


You might have already noticed that I sewed the pattern on the front cover of the book.  It’s translated title is ‘Slit Neck Pullover’.


As drafted, the pattern is quite oversized.  I sewed the size small (the smallest of the four sizes offered) and removed considerable length from both the body (3″/7.6cm) and the sleeve (2 3/8″/6cm).  Plus, I performed my usual forward shoulder adjustment.


I will confess that during construction I discovered that I had shortened the body of the pattern by different amounts.  Big oooppphhhhhs!  My solution was to trim to the shorter length and use a wide bias binding for the hem.  Problem resolved very quickly!


It was my intention to add elastics to the sleeves as I hate flappy sleeves (technical term) that get caught on everything.  I changed my mind mid try-on.  The sleeve width just seems to work at this shortened length.



My other change to the pattern, and it’s a super minor one, was the construction of the ties.  I cut them on the bias and made narrow rouleau.  I find that bias cut ties always sit better when tied in a bow.


Let’s take a moment to talk about the fabric.  It’s a cotton/linen blend from Japan which I purchased from work.  The surface of the fabric has a brushed feel making it perfect for trans-seasonal sewing.  The fabric presses well, is easy to sew, and it hardly creases.


Did you notice that I’ve matched the vertical lines in the print with vertical lines in my jeans?


I have to say this top has been a surprise winner, but I shouldn’t be surprised as I don’t think I’ve never sewn a raglan top that I didn’t enjoy wearing!


Pattern:  Slit Neck Pullover from Aoi Koda’s book ‘Adult Clothes That Can Be Worn For a Long Time’ (ISBN is 978-4-529-05935-0)
Size:  Size Small
Fabric:  Moonshine – Bluestone/Natural  (55% Linen & 45% Cotton )
Alterations:  Shortened the body by 3″ (7.6cm) and the sleeve by 2 3/8″ (6cm), performed my usual a 3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment and made rouleau for the ties.
Outfit:  Jeans from Gorman’s Sample Rack, antique sliver necklaces, silver gingko earrings from Luminous Breaths and sneakers via Luisa (not current).
Photo Location:  Daylesford


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  • Yes I noticed your beautiful shirt when you helped me today in The Cloth Shop. Great fabric and beautiful colour. Am sure you will get lots of wear and plenty of compliments !

  • This is so beautiful! The fabric design is spot 😁😁 on for the lovely pattern. I do enjoy your posts. Thanks,
    Heather in Colorado
    (Now seeing the comments button, so ignore my email!)