#isewlation2020 : Updating my tee collection : Part 3 : Tee Shirt Dress


I hope you don’t mind, but I’m including this make in this ‘updating my tee collection’ series even though it’s a knit dress! 

In May 2020, I completed a pattern test for NAMEthelabel and sewed the Tee Shirt Dress.  Did I mention it has pockets?


My measurement put me in a size 12 (large) but after checking the finished garment I decided to sew a size 10 (medium).  This isn’t unusual for me as my bust is a size larger than my shoulders.  The fit is perfectly slouchy, just as the pattern intended.


With regards to alterations, I did my usual forward shoulder adjustment and shortened the dress at the hem by 1.5″ (4cm).


The flocked 100% cotton knit was from The Cloth Shop (work).  It’s long sold out.  I love texture of the fabric, but I’m not 100% sure about this colour on me as it’s a little more dusky than my usual clear, bright hues.


This is a super comfortable dress and well drafted dress.  In my opinion, simple silhouettes can actually be the hardest to draft as there is no-where to hide.  I definitely recommend this pattern and I’ll certainly be sewing it up again next summer.


Pattern:  NAMEthelabel’s Tee Shirt Dress
10 (medium)
100% flocked cotton knit from The Cloth Shop [long sold out]
Completed a 3/8” (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment and removed 1.5″ (4cm) from the hem of the dress
Outfit:  Sophie Digard Scarf and sneakers from Peter Sheppard
Location:  Ballarat


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