Blue Kabuki

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I started following Paper Theory Patterns on Instagram after seeing a sneak peek of Tara’s first pattern the Kabuki Tee.  The pattern was released in September 2017, and I watched over the coming months as Kylie, Rosie (modified to a jumper), Kate (lengthened to a dress) and Style of Constructing (with long sleeves) sewed awesome versions.


I loved both the style and the design lines of the Kabuki Tee, but I had concerns.  Do you ever get the pre-project jitters?


Thankfully, a carefree summer holiday attitude and a large scrap of blue linen (left over from this dress) got me started.  Spolier alert, it was a dream sew!


Doubt 1 : Where would the front sleeve point sit on my bust?
Answer : In a perfectly fine position above the apex of my bust.


Doubt 2 : Would I need a forward shoulder adjustment, and if yes, how the heck would I do it?
Answer (via the pattern designer) : The pattern is drafted from a standard kimono sleeve block which has a 3/8″ (1cm) forward should build into it… music to my ears!


Doubt 3 : I had read that the sleeve insertion was tricky
Answer :  After reading Paper Theory’s step-by-step blog post I realised it was the same technique I learned when making this bag several years ago.  Happy days!


Doubt 4 :  Sizing
Answer :  The sizing is generous and you really need to consult both the body measurement and finished garment tables and understand the amount of ease you prefer in a boxy top.  My bust sat between a size 10 and 12 and my hips between an 8 and 10.  I sewed the size 8 and the fit is perfect for me.  By taking a smaller hem allowance, I have effectively lengthened this top by 1″ (2.5cm).


So my verdict… those pre-project jitters were all totally unfounded.  I love this pattern and I already have another linen version cut out and ready to sew.  The real question is… how many iterations of this pattern will end up in my wardrobe?


Pattern:  Paper Theory’s Kabuki Tee
Size:  8
Fabric:  Lithuanian linen from The Drapery (leftover from another project)
Alterations:  By taking a smaller hem allowance, this version is 1″ (2.5cm) longer than drafted
Outfit:  Me-made Reef Shorts, Jenny Kee silk scarf and as-new second-hand Funkis shoes
Photo Location:  Treasury Hotel, Brisbane


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