Blooming begonias


The LB Pullover is the second pattern offering from Paper Theory, and in my eyes, it’s another winner!  I purchased this pattern straight after the success of my blue linen Kabuki Tee.


The pattern was designed to be sewn in low stretch knits, but it has been drafted with enough ease and a wide neck so that it can be sewn in a woven.  Aren’t versatile patterns the best?


I went down the woven path and sewed Option A with the turtle neck (Option B has a crew neck).  This VERY bright linen is from deep in the stash, and just in case you were wondering, it’s a perfect match for Gütermann thread 155.  My heart sings when my fabric and thread colour are identical.


The LB Pullover is a well drafted pattern and I think the designer totally nailed the proportions.  In her words… “The body is cut wide and boxy with a relaxed fit and low dropped shoulders.  The dropped shoulders enable the style to have ample room around the bicep but still allow the sleeves to be cut straight and slim so you have the golden combination of comfort without being swamped in fabric.”


I particularly like how the slightly cropped length of the pattern balances the boxy and relaxed fit.  I also love to rolled up my sleeves.  Are you a sleeve roller-upper?


I sewed the size 8 and added an inch (2.5cm) to the length of the top to negate my slightly longish body (or was that shortish limbs?) and the lack of high waisted clothes in my wardrobe.


Now lets talk about the turtle neck.  For the woven version, the neck pattern piece is cut on the bias for ease of getting dressed; bias has the ability to stretch… to stretch over your head!  Just for the record, I have a big head (lots of brain right?) and this top just fits over it.


The bias cut turtle neck is one of my favourite things about this make.  It’s the perfect height and I just adore how it softly falls but yet still holds it’s shape.  The little opinionated people I live with aren’t fans of the woven turtle neck, but I like it in all it’s quirky glory.  The only slight downside to this neckline finish is that I can’t wear beads or a scarf… but that is a sacrifice I’m willing to make.


So the verdict… the begonia flowers and I recommend this pattern without hesitation.  I can’t wait to see what pattern Paper Theory releases next!


Pattern:  Paper Theory’s LB Pullover
Size:  8
Fabric:  Linen from so deep in the stash I have no memory of how it came to be there!
Alterations:  I added 1″ (2.5cm) to the length of the top
Outfit:  Bangle from Christine and shoes from Zomp
Photo Location:  Wombat Hill Botanical Gardens, Daylesford



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  • It’s gorgeous! And good to know about the bias cut neckband. Fellow bighead here 😀

    • Another brainy sewing friend! In my eyes this pattern has a bit of a Japanese vibe and I can see you sewing and wearing it with a smile from ear-to-ear.

  • Love this top. The turtle neck in woven looks fab! And I reckon the brigh colour compensate the lack of beads 😉

    • I like your thinking… bright enough to not require accessories! If I change my mind there is always the broach option 😉🤔

  • Look forward to seeing if this squeezes over my giant bobble head! Love a simple but well drafted staple! Xx

  • I love this top! Simple, classic, chic. (And do tell, how do you stay in such great shape?)

    • I coming around to the idea that it’s actually harder to draft the simpler things… and Paper Theory has nailed it with this pattern! And the staying in shape is due to a disciplined diet (for health reasons) of no grains, dairy or process sugar and the very boring but essential notion of portion control. I’m don’t weigh my food or count calories, but I do tend to eat four smaller meals a day and perhaps more protein than your average person due to the lack of carbs. And water… I drink lots of water!

  • Neither scarf nor beads–I wouldn’t’a known you had it not been for those begonias. Drop shoulder, boxy fit, high neck: you’ve uncannily unearthed the very pattern I’ve been searching for! So yes, I love it. Worn with a skirt (whatever that is), you can always belt it, if you feel sort of…accessory-less.

    • You are an ideas girl Jane… thank-you for the belt tip. I hope you have as much success with this pattern as I have.

  • Love that stylish neckline. Just gorgeous!

  • I love this top immensely!! The bright orange looks fabulous on you. I’m a huge fan of anything resembling a turtleneck, so this may well find its way into my ever-growing pattern stash!

  • Love that neckline – don’t you dare try covering it up with anything! 🙂 what a great little collar