This is a coat that was nearly three years in the making.  I don’t usually have WIPs, and definitely not ones that go on for years, but there was some serious procrastinating after I got very annoyed with the pattern.  It was nearly the coat that was cut out but never sewn!


The pattern probably doesn’t need any introduction.  It was first released by Papercut Patterns as the Sapporo Coat and later re-released after there was issues with the pattern.  The re-release included a new shorter version.  The pattern was then re-named and is now known as the Nova Coat.


What was my annoyance with the pattern you ask?  It comes from the fact that after buying the re-released version I still found an error.  I don’t mind errors, we are all human and made mistakes, but I don’t think Papercut have a good history of dealing with them.  If they update a pattern, they don’t, as a matter of course, send the updated PDF files to anyone who has purchased the pattern.  To me, that falls into 101 of customer service!


Enough whinging, what was the error I discovered?  It was on Pattern Piece 4 – Side Back.  The red cutting lines for the lining are the wrong stroke lines.  I was making size 2 (the solid line) and the red line that intersects with size 2 black line is the stroke pattern for size 5/6.  Minor, but still annoying.

All that aside, I sewed my Nova Coat at a weekend away with a few girlfriends and I just love the resulting garment.



I hadn’t ‘bagged out’ a jacket lining before, and I must admit I required some hand holding by both my friends and an online video.  Another resource is Papercut’s step-by-step photo tutorial.

Speaking of lining, I used some coordinating Liberty tana lawn prints from my stash.  It’s not traditional lining fabric, but for this oversized jacket it works fine.


The sizing on this pattern is very very generous.  I ummed and ahhhed about which size to make while doing some serious online stalking of everyone else’s versions.  In the end, I went with the size 2 and I’m very happy with the fit.  If you are considering making this jacket, I would encourage you to consider sizing down one size.


My Instagram followers may have seen my post about how I’ve recently had my colours re-done.  @suzannedekyvere confirmed my suspicion a few weeks ago that my go to ‘warm & clear’ colours don’t compliment my ageing skin as much as my new ‘cool & deep’ swatch does.  This berry colour  is one of my best new colours.  Move over orange…


One of my sewing buddies had the perfect Kylie and The Machine label to compliment my coat.  It’s from last years advent calendar, and I’m already excited about this years calendar!


Pattern:  Papercut Pattern’s Nova Coat
Size:  2
Fabric:  Boiled wool from The Cloth Shop [long long sold out] and Liberty tana lawn from deep stash
Alterations:  3/8″ (1cm) forward shoulder adjustment
Outfit:  StyleArc’s Barry Pants in cord, Paper Theory’s LB Pullover & a Sophie Digard scarf
Photo Location:  The Warrnambool Art Gallery…  Ash Keating’s canvas!


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