A nautical New Year’s Day

A nautical New Year’s Day


New Year’s Day in Melbourne was warm, windy and overcast.  The perfect day for some beach photos in St Kilda.


I’ve worn my first version of Simplicity 2472 several times… but it’s a little too short to be worn without opaques tights… not that that stopped me on Christmas Day!  The things my poor extended family have to put up with!

For this version, I lengthened the dress (View A) by 2 inches to make it an every-day summer frock.  I’m all ready for some more scorching summer weather Melbourne… bring it on!


Regular readers will know that one of my New Year themes was to sew my silk stash.  This dress might have been sewn between Christmas and New Year, but I’m still chalking it up as points on the board; an early win!


The boat fabric… well it just makes me smile.  I looked and looked at it on the roll in Tessuti (Melbourne) and by the time I decided it was for me… it was sold out.  Luckily, a phone order to Chatswood and I was in boating business.  I did have some ‘pressing’ issues with this fabric… which I cursed and cursed until I realised my new-ish iron was at fault and not the fabric.  Sorry boats!  I’m back using my old iron and will be getting the new one checked under warranty.


Now we haven’t talked about my scarf.  Yes, that was made by me too!  I’ve found that a hand-rolled hem on a piece of silk twill makes for a perfect scarf.  This is scarf number two (see number one here) and I’m sure your not surprised to hear that fabric has already been purchased for scarf number three!


And to anyone who believes, after looking through the photos on this post, that there was no-one on St Kilda beach on News Year’s Day… they were wrong.  One of Sharon’s secret powers is making it seem like there is NOT ANOTHER SOUL on a Blogless Anna photoshoot location.  Below is the true story…


Pattern:  Simplicity 2472 View A  (OOP)
Fabric Dress: 
Silk crepe de chine from Tessuti
Fabric Dress: 
Silk twill from Tessuti
Lengthened the dress by 2 inches
Accessories:  Me-made silk scarf with a hand-stitched rolled hem and as-new second-hand Funkis shoes
Photo Location:  St Kilda Beach


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