A little ray of sunshine

A little ray of sunshine


My girls and I have started walking to school most mornings.  It takes 15 to 20 minutes (depending on the mood of the small legs) and we often meet two other school families along the way and walk together.  This new ritual has become a healthy and social start to our day with practical (traffic between home and school is a nightmare!) and environmental benefits.


My wardrobe is currently lacking casual short sleeve tees I can wear on these morning walks.  I’ve therefore been trying out some new-to-me t-shirt patterns.  First up is Liesl + Co’s Bento Tee which in my opinion is a great basic tee with some super clever drafting.


bento tee sewing pattern

The pattern comes with two views that allow for four different t-shirt combinations.  My online research shows that the lots of people add the pockets, but I prefer the simpler lines of View B with the sleeve cuffs… just like Shelley & Kirstin.


Apart from lowering the neckline by half an inch, I sewed a size small out of the box.  I’m pleased with the overall fit, but it’s just a tiny bit shorter than I’d like, which was easily remedied on version two (I’ll be sharing that soon).

I haven’t sewn knits for quite a while and I forgot how quick they can be to construct.  All seams were sewn with my overlocker (seam allowances are 1/4″) and the neckline and hems were finished with a twin needle.


If you follow me on Instagram you might already know that I battled with the neckline.   What you see here is my fourth and final attempt.  The first was too tight, the second too loose, the third I attached inside out and then I settled on near enough is good enough.  I know that if it’s not right I won’t wear it, and I wasn’t going to waste this lovely fabric.  It’s times like these when my stubbornest and perfectionist tendencies come together to ensure I have a wearable garment.


Now let’s just take a moment to talk about these cuffs because in my opinion that’s where the clever drafting comes into play.  The cuffs, which I prefer to wear down and not folded up as they were designed, are shaped to fit the armhole.  It sounds so simple but time and time again for styles like these you are left trying to add a rectangular band to a curved armhole.  Give me a shaped cuff that matches the curve of the armhole any day!

The fabric is a lovely quality cotton/lycra knit that I purchased from Rathdowne Fabrics late last year.  I was told at the time it was excess stock from a local kids clothing label Oishi-m.  I will confess to purchasing the same fabrics in a red/neutral stripe too.  You can never have too many stripes!


I still plan to try some other tee patterns, but I’m guessing that the Bento Tee is going to be a hard act to follow.

Pattern:  Liesl + Co’s Bento Tee
Size:  Small
Fabric:  Cotton/Lycra knit from Rathdowne Fabrics
Alterations:  Lowered the neckline by 1/2″
Accessories:  Rafia Chic shoes purchased from Scarlet Jones
Photo Location:  Presbyterian Church in Hawthorn (eastern suburbs of Melbourne)


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