The Drapery

The Drapery

Once upon a time Rachel and Anna went on a big areoplane adventure in search of treasure… I mean fabric.


In heatwave conditions, they left Melbourne for a slightly hotter Adelaide.  Adelaide is known to most as the city of churches, but to these fabric adventurers, it was the home of The Drapery.


The Drapery Co-owners Fiona and Jane were on hand to show their wares, talk shop and all things fabric and sewing.  Look at those beaming smiles… they love what they do!


Rachel and Anna spent a very pleasant three hours chatting with Jane and Fiona, talking to other customers, trying on shop samples (well actually that was just Anna!) admiring all the lovely fabrics & making their selections.

Speaking of selections, look what came home with Anna!


Four linen scarf kits, some colourful linens, two pieces of Nani Iro double gauze and a cotton voile remnant.  What do you think about an orange The Shirt Dress, a teal and blue V8805 and a green (third from the top of the tallest pile) Camber?  Anna had her nose is a Japanese pattern book when buying the double gauze…

So why leave lovely Melbourne, that has wonderful fabric options, for a day trip to Adelaide?  Well firstly Anna had some flight credits that needed using, and secondly there was the lure of the Lithuanian linens that we’d seen online.  The variety of colours and different weights and textures (some of the softess fabric Anna’s ever touched) of the linen was amazing.  If you are a lover of linen, this is the shop for you!

So if you’re in Adelaide pop in and see Jane and Fiona, you won’t be disappointed.

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