A keepsake for a bride-to-be

A keepsake for a bride-to-be

My baby brother is getting married this Saturday.  I’ve recently made, and already gifted, a practical keep-sake for the bride-to-be.  Doesn’t every bride need a dainty hanky to wipe away those tears of joy?

This particular hanky has been embroidered to include the colour and logo from the couple’s wedding invitation (as seen in the photo below).


The thread, and the advice from L’uccello was wonderful.  I needed advice as I’m a novice embroiderer.

I will confess that I enjoyed both the project and the outcome.  The bride-to-be was pretty pleased with the finished item too.


On a totally different note…  I’m off on a epic (ie. it involves planes!) fabric shopping trip tomorrow.  If you can’t wait for the blog post round-up of the adventure… follow me on on Instagram (bloglessanna).

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  • Oh I was thinking about just this the other day, as I remembered you mentioning your sister-in-law to be was having her wedding dress made by someone fabulous. I hope it all goes really well! The hanky is gorgeous 🙂

    • Gosh you have a good memory Mel! Craig Braybrook has made the dress and I’ve been blessed to be part of all the dress fittings. We’re all very pleased that tomorrow will be a much cooler day. How is your dress progressing?

      • It’s mostly coming along really well. The skirt still requires some figuring out but that should be knocked in the teeth this weekend, then I can finally start stitching the real thing! Very excited. I hope the dress she’s wearing is everything she wanted it to be! And yes – thank GOODNESS tomorrow will be back to the usual programming! It’s been a hellish week.

      • ps – anything of interest you picked up from the fitting sessions? 🙂

  • It was amazing to see the excess fabric pinned out of the calico at speed… Interestingly, the calico was only fitted on one side even though our bodies aren’t symmetrical. The zip was one of the last things to go in and no amount of pinning can give you the same structure and feel (or as the bride-to-be-said ‘security’) of a zip on a fitted bodice. The dress has tulle sweeping across one shoulder, and it’s the left shoulder as Craig is right handed! Have a lovely skirty weekend…

  • What a sweet idea for a wedding gift!