Doublet Redux

Doublet Redux

From little things…


Big things grow…  [I love that Paul Kelly song!]


Last Sunday I had the pleasure of joining Brianna in the Jack of Diamonds machine knitting studio for a Doublet Redux workshop.  It was a great day of learning new techniques, become less scared of my recently purchased knitting machine and creating a beautiful (if I do say so myself) Doublet Redux.  I was in crafting heaven!


Blogless Anna hard at work.

Brianna’s expert guidance, clear instructions, patience and help along the way were invaluable.


Brianna helping me out!


Brianna expertly joining the arm and back seams.

The Doublet Redux can be worn two ways:

1.  The contrasting colour as a collar



2.  The contrasting colour as a waistband



As I have a long torso (or was that short legs?) I think wearing the Doublet Redux with the contrasting colour as a waistband (as shown in the last two photos) suits me better.  Which way do you prefer?

Lusting after a Doublet Redux, but not interested in learning to machine knit?  Brianna also does custom orders.

Do you machine knit, or are you more at home with a pair of knitting needles?

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  • How fabulous is that! My goodness what state is Brianna and her amazing courses and beautiful knitwear?

  • Fabulous Anna. I love your Redux and like it both ways. I love mine too and will blog shortly. Have booked in for another workshop next Wednesday – this one is for Jess, my daughter. Ps. It was nice meeting you last week – I had fun! Pss – I think I’ve got the knitting bug.

    • The knitting bug is very contagious! I’m rather jealous that you’re doing another workshop so soon. Lucky Jess! I think next time, and yes there will be a next time, I might make a Perseus Tunic for my Mum.

  • It looks good both ways – very versatile! I suspect that the knitting machine would be highly addictive. Oh how I wish I hadn’t said “no” more than a few years back when my mother offered me my grandmother’s!

  • Wow, the tension consistency is just beautiful, and the colour is devine. And I do love a versatile piece such as this 🙂

  • Clever girl(s)! I instantly thought that the waitsband contrast arrangement was more you, even before you mentioned it. I worked on a viscose yarn knit dress today, and think that there’s plenty of summer knitting potential ahead. Looking forward to seeing what else you make (and blog!).

  • I found my way over here via Modern Vintage Cupcakes blog post on the pattern pyramid (what a great idea. I want to start one myself now!), and had to comment. The photos of the back of your head, your hair is so like mine when cut short! Reeeeelly like mine!

    Anyway, have never seen a knitting machine in action. How fascinating. I love the finished garment 🙂

    • Thanks for stopping by. Most people with curly hair spend hours each week straightening it. I love my curls as they are so easy – just wash and wear! I’m about to pop over to your blog to check out your curls…

  • I want to get a knitting machine but it’s just too hard out here. Will have to wait till I visit the UK or some such.. Also, I’m glad you’re blogless no more. Even gladder you’re headless no more XD

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