Was a dress. Is now a top.

Was a dress.  Is now a top.

I must be getting all brave and confident with my sewing as I’ve just attempted my first pattern hack – a ponti dress for myself!  The pattern hack part was a success, but there was another BIG problem which meant the dress is now a top.  Here is the un-hemmed dress with elbow length sleeves.


I knew with this random crazy print I didn’t need to pay any attention to pattern matching, but what I failed to even consider was pattern placement.  Check out the large cream coloured capital V in the centre front of the dress.  Use your imagination dear readers…

I’m please to report that I do see the very funny side of this error and there has been LOTS and LOTS of laughing with both my sewing and non-sewing buddies.  Feel free to laugh along with me…

But it’s not all bad, with the help of Megan Nielsen’s Briar pattern the dress is now a very wearable top.


The top has elbow length sleeves, and in these photos below I’m wearing a long sleeve black woolen top underneath to keep me toasty warm.


I think my scarf was a little too matchy matchy, so here’s a change of accessories and some close-ups.



What do you think?  Was it a good recovery?  Do you have any pattern placement horror stories?  Do tell.

Patterns Used:  Various (I’m keeping that dress hack a secret for now!) but Megan Nielsen’s Briar is what saved the day.
FabricAvalanche, a lightweight ponti, from Tessuti (now sold out)

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