This is one of those nearly makes. Not terrible, but just not quite right.


But let’s go back to the very beginning.  I’m a collector of Japanese sewing books.  I love the quirkiness of the Japanese style, the simple lines, interesting details and use of natural fibres.


I regularly flick through the pages of my collection dreaming about all the things I’d like to make. To date, one dress that constantly made me take a second look was the Draped Collar Dress from Feminine Wardrobe by Jinko Matsumoto.


I have a few pieces of lovely chambray in the stash.  The one I selected for this dress was purchased twelve months ago when Rachel and I went on a road trip to Joys Fabric Warehouse in Geelong.

The dress is described in the book as ‘a charming dress with a draped collar and shirt-tail hem”.  The collar is large and cut on the bias, which gives it a lovely drape.


Did you notice the red top stitching… my little ‘Blogless Anna touch’?  Yes, all the visable stitching on this dress is in red.


Why red?  Well it matches the little liberty gusset.  Gussets are fiddly, but I’ve come to the conclusion they are well worth the effort.


Oh, you’d like a closer look? Sure.


Did you catch a glimpse of the sneaky liberty binding used as a facing on the hem?  It’s these little details that make me so happy.

So, why this is a nearly make?  It’s the length.  If I’m wearing such volume, and yes there is lots of volume in this dress, then it needs to be shorter… more pins on show.



With binding used as a hem facing and gussets, this baby wasn’t going to be unpicked and redone.  The good news is the dress has been re-homed (you’re welcome lovely photographer & awesome friend Sharon) and I have some more chambray, liberty and an amended pattern ready to go.

What do you do with your nearly makes?

Pattern:  Draped Collar Dress from Feminine Wardrobe by Jinko Matsumoto
Small.  I only added seam allowances to the gusset and collar (lazy sewist)
Chambray from Joys Fabric Warehouse purchased in November 2013
Accessories:  Necklaces from Elk (borrowed) & shoes purchased at Siricco.

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