Golden Girl

Golden Girl


I still can’t believe I’m posting these gold hot pants on the internet.  You will notice that they are faceless shots, so maybe they aren’t me after all?


Mr Blogless Anna and I were invited to a dress up party at the end of January.  Yes, it has taken me a while to pluck up the courage to publish this post.  And it seems fitting to do so on the day that Kylie Minogue will perform in Melbourne – her home-town and mine – on her current Australian tour.

I haven’t been to a fancy dress party since university and I decided in my forty-first year with nothing to lose, and knowing very few people at the party, I would go all out and channel Kylie’s gold hot pants from the Spinning Around film clip (minus the gatherng… I was trying to make things easier for myself!).  Mr Blogless Anna was an ’80s Australian tennis star – Pat Cash.  I wonder who is the more conservative of the two of us?

I did lots of research on an appropriate pattern, or pattern hack, for these gold hot pants.  After seeing Nic’s post on how she successfully used Measure Twice / Cut Once’s Mary Knickers for her tankini bottoms, I brought the pattern and started hacking.  There were two test sews.  The alterations I made to the final version were:

  • Increasing the rise by approx 3″ – 4″ (7.5cm – 10cm).  I used different sizes (see below) so some fudging was required
  • Size 12 front and a size 16 back (I needed my ‘cheeks’ to be contained!)
  • I decided not to hem the hot-pants because the fabric was foil-like and there would be no second chances


It was a fun night!

Pattern:  Measure Twice / Cut Once’s Mary Knickers
12 front merged to a 16 at the back
Gold foil-like stretchy dance fabric from GJs
Alterations:  Increased the rise to waist level.  No hemming.
Accessories:   Shoes from Dianna Ferarri Outlet in Darebin

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