Fourth time lucky

Firstly, I must warn you all that I am very stubborn and a finisher; I like to see things through to the end.  I’ve made FOUR of Truck Stop Tops (a pattern by The Makers’ Journal) in the last few weeks!

Version 1:  I made it up the size 14 (as per my bust measurements) and it swam on me.  Rather disappointing as the fabric – a navy cotton/modal/spandex remnant from Tessuti – was so soft and luxurious.

This bust of mine seems to regularly be throwing my sizing out.  You’d think I’d learn or attempt an FBA!

Version 2:  I traced off the size 10, increased the front neckline by an inch, and made it up in fabric leftover from a dress I made Miss A.  I didn’t even bother with the binding as I was just checking the fit.  The straps were a little long, so I pinned the excess on the front and back and replicated the changes on the front and back pattern pieces.

Version 3:  As I thought I was onto a winner, I made up this version in a drapey patterned knit in blues, greys, browns and beige which I purchased at The Fabric Store during the recent Melbourne Sewists Meet-up.  The top was a perfect fit, but the fabric let me down.


The Truck Stop Top’s neck and armholes are bound using a very clever rolled edge binding technique (tutorial here).  Even thought the selvedges rolled, my binding wouldn’t regardless of how much steam I applied, and how much I willed it to roll.   I think it was been partly due to the fabric and mostly due to the fact my pieces of binding were slightly off grain.  The drapey fabric made it impossible for this novice to cut it straight!

Version 4:   Finally, we have a winner!


I was feeling very frustrated after my last effort, so when selecting fabric, I went to my stash and pulled out the first fabric I spyed with edges that loved to roll – a striped mystery knit from The Ark Haberdashery in my favourite olive green tones.


Look at the rolled edge binding…  Hip Hip Hooray!


These tops are super quick to make (they are designed to be constructed on an overlocker) and SO comfortable to wear.  I put this top on to take photos this afternoon and I didn’t take it off.  It’s perfect for the hot weather that has descended upon us in Melbourne today.

Summary of changes –

  • Increased the front neckline by an inch
  • Removed an inch from the t-section of the back (approximately 4 inches from the top) and smoothed out the curve
  • Removed an inch from the front straps (3 inches from the shoulder seam)
  • Removed 2.5 inches from the bottom hem

I’ll be making more of these.  How about you?  Is this pattern on your ‘to do’ list?

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