Flynn by the shore


As soon as I saw that the In the Folds Flynn Jacket had been released, I purchased the PDF.  On the same day, I printed the pattern at Ivanhoe Copy Centre, procured the mustard denim from The Cloth Shop and raided my Liberty stash for fabric to make the binding.


Yes, this jacket raced to the top of my ‘to sew’ list and I think it might have been the first non-tester version in-the-wild.


I have to say, this isn’t my normal behaviour.  I’m usually much more considered about pattern purchases, do a lot more research about sizing and agonise over fabric choices. But you know when it feels right… you’ve just got to go with it!


Emily, from In The Folds, has thought about all the details when designing this jacket.


The insides are as beautiful as the outside…the instructions direct you to bind all of the raw edges with bias binding.


Sure this is more time consuming than overlocking, but I found it oh so satisfying and I adore the beautiful results.  Thanks to my Bernina 535 and an edge-stitching foot… you can’t even see, in the photo above, the stitches nestled between the binding and the denim.


After all that binding it made sense (to me!) to hand-stitch the facing to the jacket.  When the thread in the photo above is pulled taut the binding flips over the stitching and hides it completely.


My two favourite things about this pattern, apart from the aforementioned beautiful innards, are the deep back pleat and the pockets.


Yes, those pockets that I can’t seem to keep my hands out of!



I lined the pocket bags in Liberty to help reduce bulk.


I thoroughly enjoyed this project from start to finish.  I’ll be making another Flynn Jacket for Sharon, plus I think I might sew the vest for myself as it would make an awesome trans-seasonal piece.  Yeah… you haven’t seen that last of this pattern!


Pattern:  In the Folds’ Flynn Jacket
Mustard Denim from The Cloth Shop (sold out) and Liberty binding made from fabric in my stash
3/8″ (1 cm) forward shoulder adjustment
Outfit:  Hand knitted scarf borrowed from Sharon, jeans from Witchery and boots from Florsheim (several years ago).
Location:  Warrnambool


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  • An absolutely knock-out jacket.

  • Really fabulous! And is there anything that can’t be improved with Liberty binding?

  • Wow! i love your Jacket and now want to make one myself.

  • Love the jacket, thank you for your detailed photographic description 🙂 Quick, a blip – change pattern from the ‘Aeolian Tee Shirt Dress’ to the ‘Flynn Jacket’.

  • I am wondering why your jacket looks so much more attractive than the jacket modeled on the pattern’s website. Could it be the fabric difference? Theirs looks much bulkier than yours. I believe yours is in denim–does that diagonal weave give the jacket a better drape? Choosing the wrong fabric gives me so much trouble! Any ideas would be appreciated because I love the jacket that is in your photos but would stay away from the one on the In The Folds website.
    Many thanks!

    Lisa -San Francisco Bay Area
    • Hi Lisa. Fabric can make or break a project. The mustard denim I used is probably on the lighter side. If you lived in Australia I would offer to send you an offcut… but international shipping rates here are ridiculous. I’ve actually been considering sewing a version of this jacket in a medium-weight linen for spring/summer. I think with this style it’s important not to use a very thick or structured fabric otherwise it will swamp the body. It’s also worth noting that I sewed a size smaller than my bust suggested. This helps limit the ‘swampiness’ of the jacket. I hope this helps.

  • It’s great Anna. Beautifully made and modelled! Are the sleeves particularly long or have you turned them up just to show off your nice binding? (I ask as a long armed person).

  • Love the jacket Anna – beautiful details, the hong kong seam finishes especially!