Down at the station…

Down at the station…


The Sea Change Top by Lily Sage & Co probably doesn’t need an introduction as lots of fabulous versions have been popping up on the internet and Instagram since it’s release a month ago.



Every-time I saw another version of the Sea Change Top I knew that this pattern was for me:

  • Looks great in stripes… oh yes
  • Potential for contrasting bands… brilliant
  • Easy to sew and easy to wear… happy dance
  • Suitable for both woven and knit fabrics…  watch out stash
  • Statement sleeves…. be still my beating heart


The icing on the cake was trying Lara’s version during her recent epic wardrobe clean-out.  Just for the record Lara’s Sea Change Top stayed… that one was a no brainer!


Debbie describes her pattern as “an easy fitting, kimono style top that is just perfect for high waist jeans and skirts.”  I only have two high waisted bottom halves in my wardrobe, so I added 1.5 inches (4 cms) to both the body (front and back pattern pieces) and the armbands.  The resulting length is perfect when I am layering, but when I sew some summer versions I will add more length again so I don’t have to wear layers underneath.  I have a sneaking suspicion that the need for ‘added length’ might have something to do with me being a little ‘long’ in the body.  The things we learn when we sew!


In my opinion, there is a lot of be said for good drafting and simple lines that result in a big impact garment like this one.  A twirling photo shows off the tops design lines nicely.  Big girls like twirling too…


This winter version of the Sea Change Top has been sewn in medium weight merino jersey from The Fabric Store.  When stripe and dots were on offer how couldn’t resist?  I was probably pushing the boundaries of recommended fabrics, but I think I’ve got away with it this time.

I’m super pleased with my Sea Change Top as it fits perfectly into both my personal style and my lifestyle.  It was just the right outfit to wear on the weekend when Sharon (my dear friend and blog photographer) and I took some little people to admire a steam train during Ballarat’s Heritage Weekend.



Pattern:  Lily Sage & Co’s Sea Change Top
Merino jersey from The Fabric Store
Lengthened the top and armbands by 1.5″ (4cm)
Accessories:   Scarf & boots purchased at Scarlet Jones


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  • Love it!!! So snuggly and it layers beautifully. You find the coolest merinos, spots AND stripes, yes please!! And I was in Ballarat yesterday, definitely a layering town 😉 Looking great!

  • Love the layering you did! That mustard? skivvy underneath is such a fabulous colour, particularly for brightening up winter greys and blacks – I’ve seen Lara work this colour too, and every time I see it, I think wow. And merino in stripes… yes!!!

    • It’s an awesome and very versatile pattern Debbie. Congratulations. And the main reason I made it in merino was that I couldn’t wait to summer to sew up this pattern! I do love a pop of colour, and mustard is a favourite. I don’t play the Melbourne and black game!

  • Ohhh I love this layered! You have made this such an Anna piece 😀 And bonus points for adorable munchkins and trains!

  • Girl, you’re on fire. I’m starting to feel a little diminished 😉 Loving the whole look, it’s just all good.

    • Don’t worry there has been an epic peplum liberty fail between my last two makes. I will unpick and have another go, but another day as I’ve been seduced by some new patterns…

  • Fabulous. So many beautiful versions of this top. Are you tall Anna? I am tempted by this pattern but I am only 5ft.

  • Wow another winner – love the fabric Anna, it looks so cosy.
    It’s been added to my ‘must buy pattern list’!

  • I dismissed this pattern when I first saw it as being not my style but it works brilliantly in merino as a layering top. Your top is lovely as well as being quite practical.

  • Apologies for going “off-piste”, but have you ever made anything by copying a shop bought garment?

    I treated myself to a lovely top, it’s crisp linen at the front and the back is a lovely soft fine knit – all in a matching bright orange 🙂
    After a close inspection (which happens to all my shop bought clothes now that I sew!) it’s basically a ‘Simplicity 1366’ top without the sleeves, and the armholes have a small turn back cuff.

    I have some lovely crisp white linen and a fine knit in my stash, so thought I could replicate the top – any thoughts/tips on how to tackle this project would be greatly appreciated!

    • The top sounds lovely Janette. I have sewn a top with both woven and knit fabrics in the one garment and I debated about which needle to use in my sewing machine. In the end I went with a knit needle as that was the fabric I was predominately sewing (my top was all knit except for some liberty tana lawn for the back). With the soft knit I would definitely stablise the back shoulders, neckline and the hem as they love to ‘grow’. When sewing the knit and woven together I would use a walking foot if you have one and always ensure the knit is on the under side closest to the feed dogs. It sounds like you have the pattern sorted and just need to draft the cuffs. It would be a good idea to do some test swatches of your two fabrics together as you might need to fiddle with the tension settings and stitch length on your machine. Good luck. Let me know if you have any other questions I haven’t covered or need clarity. 🙂

  • Thank you so much Anna for taking the time to pass on these great tips – you are now officially my hero 🙂 I didn’t put any thought whatsoever into the fact that one fabric was a knit so would need the stretch needle, stabilising etc (would have been a disaster!).

    Can’t wait to get started – thank you!

  • […] Blogless Anna’s  striped merino jersey (you heard right..merino jersey in stripes!!!) is perfectly layered for Winter. […]

  • Oh! I have made this top and was convinced I could never wear it as an everyday top, but you’ve just convinced me otherwise!! Why didn’t I think of layering it like this? Brilliant, and gorgeous too.